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How to ‘do’ Garden Mirrors

I have always been a lover of garden mirrors. Mirrors are a great design tool, available in every shape and size, but mostly because; a well placed mirror in the garden can transform the ordinary into the extraordinary! What’s so great about garden mirrors? Mirrors have 4 main functions in any garden, To reflect sunlight into dark spaces They add

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7 simple rules of garden design

Gardens are wonderful places to be, but often the garden just does not deliver what it should. So how does an non-expert create a garden that is practical, affordable and beautiful, when they have never designed a garden before. Follow these 7 simple rules of garden design that help you make the right changes to your garden. Now before we

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Interview with award winning Podcast host Sarah Wilson

Interview Sarah Wilson and PlantPlots Listen to award winning Podcast host Sarah Wilson’s interview with me. Sarah and I had a lovely discussion a few weeks ago about why many people would not consider themselves gardeners even though they love being in a garden. In the interview we discussed how gardens and gardening can be made more enjoyable for

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A Brilliant Book Review

book i want to like my garden book review

I just received this review from award winning blog @MandyCanUDigIt – AND I AM PRETTY CHUFFED! A brilliant garden design book review 🙂 A cracking read packed with common sense for new (and experienced) gardeners! With lockdown meaning so many people turned to that patch of earth between their fence and the back door for relaxation, purpose and solace,

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Should you water your garden?

Listen to our latest podcast from The Plotting Shed. 2020 is turning into a year of momentous change, climate change and the Covid19 has forced us to rethink how we live. In a smaller context, how we garden is important too, the small changes we make in your garden and how we all garden collectively have a huge cumulative effect.

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It’s here, its live, it’s launched – and possibly the best garden book you’ll ever get.

I Want to Like my Garden by Rachel McCartain is now published. This really is a gardening book unlike any other you may have read – why; because it has been written to answer two questions: How can anyone ‘do’ their garden if they don’t know what to do and If a person didn’t know much about plants, what do

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Just some gorgeous flowers from my garden

May is simply the best month of the year in the garden. Here are a few pictures of what my garden is up to today. Enjoy the weekend folks!

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I Want to Like my Garden

Book review quote - I want to like my garden by Rachel McCartain garden design book

Stop Press 12th June: Hurrah, good news Amazon have sorted the problem, so if you were waiting for your delivery, it should now be winging it’s way to you. My apologies for the inconvenience. Exciting news! Our latest book I Want to Like my Garden is now available to order. This book is a garden-changer. Buy it because you want

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We’ve smashed 300k views!

Sorry, shameless self promotion here, but more and more people are discovering that We really do Make Gardening Easier! Which means more and more people are realising they too can have a more gorgeous looking garden – easily and that makes us happy.

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Tea-cup gardens; a new #lockdown craze??

garden in a teacup idea 7

Sorry, just had to share this post from, these are so lovely. It’s those little things that keep us happy. stay safe everyone and keep well.

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