The Plotting Shed Autumn Series

Welcome back to the Plotting Shed – probably the best garden design podcast in the world! Why; because we think like you; not like a garden designer.

Our aim is to make gardening easier for you.

Deconstructing Your Garden – why you don't need to think like a gardener! The Plotting Shed

This week H and I challenge garden convention. Why are gardens described in a certain way, what should your garden be and why the horticultural industry and garden media make gardening more difficult than it needs to be.We have decided to subvert garden convention by launching the 'Garden Liberation Front' – freeing millions of wanabee gardeners from nonsensical constraints and conventions. Your garden is what YOU want it to be.#Itsmygarden – send us a picture of what you think defines your garden as being yours. What is it about your garden than makes you happy! Tweet/Pin/Instagram/email/or share your picture on our Facebook page. #itsmygarden – join our little green garden revolution!  :)Pictures of the Garden of Solitude by Studiospin.itHelp with designing (and deconstructing your garden) can be found hereSupport the show (
  1. Deconstructing Your Garden – why you don't need to think like a gardener!
  2. Why gardens don't work – some common design mistakes to avoid
  3. Hurrah, The Plotting Shed is Back – have you missed us? 🙂
  4. Hampton Court Flower Show – The Good; The Bad and the Unrealisitc!
  5. RHS Show Gardens and why you shouldn't try copy them

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