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Just send us photos of your garden, and after a quick chat; you receive a garden design plan enabling you to transform your garden.
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Brilliantly Simple Garden Design

Before & after

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A small city garden for a family

This small city garden packs a lot in. Trampolines, a family eating area and a small lawn. This customer loved plants and wanted a garden full of interest, flowers and places for the children to play.

Gardens for a granny annexe

JM – wanted a beautiful garden to wanrder around and watch the birds and bees. This will be a garden full of wildlife friendly flowers and plants, with easy walking access

Rejuvenating an established garden

LC – now the children had left home, the garden was redesigned with a formal shape and a soft pastel colour scheme

Small city garden oasis

This lovely customer wanted a wildlife-friendly garden full of birds, butterflies bees, moths and bats!

A picturesque cottage-style planting scheme

These photos are from the first year of planting. Amazing eh?

 Fabulous space around the shed and path

SV – had a path and a shed and a very boring garden and was desperate to have a space that looked fabulous but was still practical as the shed was used all the time.

Showstopping front garden

DM needed a showstopping front garden. Her garden was on the judging route for the Village in Bloom competition so it needed to be bold and showstopping.

Colourful private space

E F-M shared a garden with the neighbours, so wanted a colourful private space for the family.

Colourful and fun on a low budget

HB – wanted to make the garden more colourful and fun on a low budget.

Customers' thoughts

PlantPlots garden design reviews

All these lovely people have all used our services and this is what they think.

Rachel was amazing at getting to grips with what I wanted for my new garden. She created a design that I wasn’t expecting and exceeded what I thought could be done with budget and hard landscaping restrictions. The passion, knowledge and care about delivering a great service comes through in her approach and final design and planting schemes. I can’t recommend her highly enough. Very impressive!
FL; Sussex; Mar 2022
Rachel was excellent in designing my garden overhaul for me. I came across her website by accident when looking for ideas to design a small garden. On looking at her site and reading it’s content I did not hesitate to ring and have a chat. Very easy to chat to and worked with me, listening to my likes and dislikes from plants down to colours. I loved the final plan and the end document gives you exact size and location of your borders, the names of plants and where to plant them including detail on how to look after them. Very reasonable never realised I could achieve so much with my back garden and have it designed specifically for me at such a reasonable cost. Thank you Rachel
VE; England; Nov 2021
I think your work is really excellent and it is really great to work with you. I have already given your name to a Mum by the pitch and would be delighted to recommend you to others. I would love to get your book myself!
SH; Dublin; Mar 2022
FThank you for the report, you have left nothing unanswered- it is so detailed.
I have spent the past few hours googling everything, I am so excited to get started that I have had to force myself not to get the garden spade out already. Thank goodness we are in for a nice weekend so i can spend lots of time out there marking out and plotting. I'm not looking forward to the preparation as it is going to be a long hard slog but it will be so worth it.

I have mentioned (several times) to my sister about your book as she is always buying plants for her postage stamp of a garden - I know she would get so much information and advice if she read it, as you know my sister in law has already downloaded it. I shall be telling everyone else about it too. I have shown my work colleages your website with the downloads and i am also looking at them for my little strip of soil in my front garden.

I will of course, write a review for you. You have managed to turn a daunting blank space into a vision that I would never have achieved myself and the final report with so much information on what plants and after care I know that it will happen.

All this and not a lavender plant in sight 🙂

JE; Bristol ; Mar 2022
Many many thanks for this. Apologies we haven't replied we ended up having a very busy weekend but this looks great. I will have a proper look tomorrow and Tuesday but please send over the invoice.

And of course will recommend to friends and do the review. You've been amazing!

Thank you so much I will write back properly when I've digested.
Many thanks

LP, Cardiff; Feb 2022
Oh Rachel!
It’s great!! Can’t wait to start work and make it happen 🙂
Thank you so much. I’ve read your book! It was given to me for Christmas and I couldn’t put it down. It’s years since I’ve done any reading…
I will certainly do a review. I’ve been telling everybody about it anyway! Send over your invoice with details of how you would like payment.

What an exciting project I have!
Thank you.

MH; London; Nov 2021
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