PlantPlots FAQ

Please find below answers to as many queries as we could think of, but feel free to get in touch if we haven’t covered them all!

1. What’s included in the Garden Border Design Templates

Our aim is to make gardening easier; especially for non-expert gardeners. The border designs have 3 formats; borders up to 2 square metres in area; MiniPlots up to 1 square metre (or suitable for planting in pots) and a range called Fab Fronts with plants perfectly suited to front garden borders. Each design plan shows what and how many plants you need; a picture of the final ‘look’ , pictures of the plants and an aftercare guide. The 2sq m range also provides 3 different planting layouts for different shaped borders.

Every border plan is created using plants that will grow well together and that will be as low maintenance as possible. Meaning you can plant with confidence. There is also a handy ‘Good for’ and ‘Not for’ guide on each design so you can choose the right design for every part of the garden. If you are still unsure which design is best for you; or what to change in part of your garden, use our online design consultation service .

2. What are ‘Style Sheets’

One of the most common dilemmas gardeners have is choosing plants for the garden. Deciding what to grow with what! These Style Sheets help you create a coordinated planting plan for the garden. There are lots of themes to choose from; all you need to do is find the style that suits your mood. Each Style Sheet details all the plants along with pictures and a guide to aftercare, helping you style your garden more easily.

3. Does PlantPlots design gardens?

Yes we do. Our design service is however unique in that we don’t actually visit. We create the designs from photographs of the garden you send. The advantage of this is that it is simple, quick and easy for you. No expensive site visits or spending lots of money on surveying the garden. Our service delivers a more affordable path to creating the garden of your dreams.

4. What about design outside the UK?

Although I am based in the UK, the beauty of our design service is that we can create designs anywhere in the world. In fact we have created designs in San Francisco, Minnesota and Missouri as well as helping customers as far away as Melbourne Australia. Good garden design is universal.

5. What if I don’t want all the garden redesigned?

No garden space is too small, we have created border designs for small courtyard gardens, single borders or the whole garden. We can also create a design for just the part of the garden you need help with.

6. What if I only want to know what to plant in a border?

We can do bespoke border planting ideas too. Just contact rachel@plantplots.com for a free quote (but send some pictures too).

7. What style/type of garden design do you specialise in?

Creating a great garden is not about filling it with lots of design features; great design means creating a garden that works for you. When we create a design, it’s all about making the garden fit with your needs and wants. Gardens should be places that make you feel something, whether that is calm and soothed or whether you’d prefer a garden full of happy smiling flowers. Our aim is to make your garden great whether the garden is large or small. Having said that we always try to ensure your gardens don’t just look good, they do good too. Most of the plants we prefer to use are good for the bees, birds, butterflies and all the other creatures that inhabit your gardens too. After all, they do live there too.

8. How does the design process work?

You send in photos of the garden and some measurements and we will have a chat about what you are trying to achieve. Then I brew up my pot of finest ‘thinking tea’ and get to work. After much tea, you will receive some sketches showing different design layouts. You are involved in the whole process, deciding which parts you like (or don’t), then a final layout design is created. Once agreed, the planting plan is created and you receive a design report (by email) with pictures of the new garden, a scale diagram, planting plans, full details of the plants to use and advice on creating the garden. Payment for the design is on completion of the design report.

9. What if I don’t like the design?

It’s never happened yet, as you are involved in the process, so we should have ironed out those elements you don’t like. But if minor alterations to the design are required, that is fine. If you have agreed the layout design but then changed your mind after the report is finalised, it would incur an extra cost to redraw and redesign the garden.

10. How much will a design cost and what do I receive

I try to be as flexible with pricing as possible. For an average-sized back garden, the approximate cost for a garden design and a written report is from £795. Larger gardens will cost more. However, prices for creating a border design start from as little as £150. Planting plans for a whole garden start at £350, depending on the size of the garden. I also price by the hour so you can buy some design time according to your budget. There is also a 1-hour consultation service for £100 to help with specific design ideas for your garden.

11. Does PlantPlots supply the plants and build the garden

No, in essence you receive a blueprint detailing how to change your garden. This gives you total control over budgets and the time taken to complete the design. Plants can be sourced from your favourite local nursery or buy plants online. You choose the plant budget, you can buy as seeds (and be patient) or buy larger plants for a more instant effect. You are in charge of the design, who you want to hire to build the garden or whether you create it yourselves. The best bit is you have a plan of what to do.

12. Where do I get the plants from?

You are free to source the plants from wherever you choose. Most of the plants we use are generally readily available in most good garden centres, or you can order the plants seeds or bulbs online. You could even hire a landscape gardener to complete the garden for you.

13. How long does the design process take

On average it takes 14 working days to complete a design, but it can be longer (or shorter) depending on the time of year.

14. Can I contact PlantPlots once the design is finished?

Yes of course, I would love to see how your new garden is developing.

15. Can we read any Customer Reviews?

Of course; Read our reviews on TrustPilot

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