Low maintenance garden design

Low maintenance garden

Low maintenance garden design

All creating a low maintenance garden means, is you are creating a garden that minimises the chores YOU don’t like doing!

So your idea of a low maintenance garden will not be the same as someone else’s – it’s all about making the garden work FOR YOU.

Low maintenance garden design getting started.

  • Grab a cup of tea, a pen and some paper!

You need to understand what you like and more importantly dislike about gardening. Make a list of all those elements, then you will know what to include and what to avoid!

  • Prioritise those dislikes

What part of gardening do you hate the most. It could be raking leaves or fiddly weeding. If you know what your worst jobs are; the new garden design created needs to ensure you won’t be doing them.

  • Focus on the parts of gardening you like

If the garden work you have to do is ‘stuff’ you don’t mind doing, then by definition it won’t feel like a chore!

  • Lastly – Work WITH your environment and weather

Keeping unwanted chores to a minimum is all about making sure the materials and plants used work with your garden.

The most common design mistake made when designing any garden is that a style or look is chosen before these like and dislikes are worked out. IF for example you choose a minimalist garden style, all the design and planting decisions will be based on creating that look. The problem is that Nature doesn’t understand minimalism. Even though you want a clean uncluttered look, the environment surrounding the garden won’t help out. Leaves will get blown in and collect in corners, detritus will be dropped from trees. Annoyingly also, birds always seem to have the knack of pooping on the paving stones!

The real question that needed asking was:

‘IF you have a minimalist garden style, what would spoil it?’

Grass growing over the paving stones blurring the nice straight lines. Plants flopping over the path, making it look untidy for example. You need to find solutions that work rather than impose a design style ON the garden. In this instance, maybe the grass is planted below the level of the path, so it can’t grow over it, or in the case of flopping plants, the borders are planted with a neat low hedge or maybe there is a way invisible plant supports can be incorporated.

 Maintenance in a garden is inevitable, there are no non-maintenance gardens. However, unnecessary maintenance can be avoided with a bit of planning.

A low maintenance garden should not be boring

But Low Maintenance does not have to be mean the garden is a bit boring either

A common misconception is that a garden filled with shrubs is generally low maintenance, after all most shrubs only need pruning once a year. It sounds great, but the issue is that shrubs don’t ‘do’ much either. The garden looks much the same for 12 months of the year, so although it may require one chop a year, it’s a really dull space.

A large lawn isn’t necessarily low maintenance either, especially if you want lovely lush green stripes and no weeds. Again a large open lawn won’t do much either. A low maintenance garden does not have to be like this.

PlantPlots is a  gardening website like no other, so you won’t find out how to trim your leeks or what spacing your cabbages should be planted at (there are loads of sites that do just that).

Instead you will find help solving issues that all gardens have – like, how to hide ugly bits in the garden or how to have a garden AND a football goal! There is design advice on how to make your garden look more interesting, how to make your garden look bigger than it actually is….and much more.

However you could ‘cheat’ – we have already thought of some amazingly beautiful garden border designs you can purchase from our shop.

So you don’t need to worry if this plant will grow with that one…. we’ve already done that bit for you.

how to plant a garden
Design an amazing garden
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Planning and planting advice

Gardens are really good for us, helping reduce stress, relax, watch wildlife and soak up the sunshine. However many gardens don’t live up to the dreams of their owners, and often follow the same basic design layout – a central lawn with narrow garden borders around the edges. Gardens can be made to be so much more than simply a lawn with shrubs, but the principles of garden design can seem complex and hard to understand. Every piece of garden planning advice we provide aims to help you garden better.

Our aim is to help you learn how you can transform your garden easily, with simple planning advice, easy to understand garden design rules, tips and planting advice.  All the advice is based not on you learning how to garden, but on you learning how to make your garden better. It may challenge your thinking, should you water the garden for example, and are there better alternatives to hanging baskets.

Gardens are not just outside rooms, gardens are where we interact with the nature and where nature interacts with us. Proper planning will ensure the garden design and planting benefits you, but hopefully it will also ensure the garden does no harm either.

How we garden is as important as what we plant and what is designed, it is all about maximising the positive whilst minimising the negative. Good planning ensures the garden delivers what is needed, for the smallest outlay, in terms of cost, resources, materials and effort.

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