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I hope you enjoy looking at our garden design gallery. All these lovely customers had their gardens transformed by us this year.

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Some of our favourite designs from past years

Beautiful Border Planting Ideas:

Changing the plants in your border can transform your garden. It’s all about how the plants make you feel! Make your garden happy.

Front gardens matter; and what could be nicer than walking up the drive in this dancing grass garden – who needs shrubs anyway!

grass garden front garden soft green planting style

How about this to welcome you home? What was once a weed filled drainage ditch will, in time, become a stunning wildlife-friendly scented border the bees and butterflies will adore

bee friendly planting scheme for long sunny ditch insect friendly

Tall upright plants are perfect for raised planters and they dance in the breeze

Garden border planting design raised wooden planters natural planting style in pink

I loved the colour combinations here, it is a border full of bright happy flowers with a twist of the tropics about it

Drawing border redesign colourful red purple orange planting scheme

First impressions matter, and what better than a sophisticated chic white-themed border planting to adorn your front door

Front garden border planting idea white theme planting style modern

How to make a long narrow border not look like long and narrow – plant it with lots of butterfly-friendly flowers

How your garden makes you feel depends on the plants used; in this case, they wanted a show-stopping summer display – sorted!

Single border planting scheme sunny border

No border is too small for a garden, especially when it welcomes you home.


If the best view from the house is in the front garden; you need a place to sit and enjoy it.

Garden Border design - sunny and scented

Borders don’t need to be filled to bursting to look beautiful – minimalist planting can look stunning


Make a statement border for the garden – 1 big ‘look at me’ border is better than lots of small ones


When there is only a small space for planting – think of the design as a whole; here repeat planting makes for a chic smart look

garden border

Even communal borders can look and be really easy to look after as well.


Designs for Small Gardens

Small garden spaces can be a challenge; every part of the garden needs to work hard. The trick is to think about minimising dead space.

Small city gardens have to work hard. In they need space for children to play and space for adults to relax, so toys have to be ‘designed in’. Here the trampoline does not take over the garden, the beautiful plant-filled pergola ensures you look at that and just hear the happy sound of children somersaulting on the trampoline!

small city garden with trampoline designed in

Every space deserves a garden. We designed a small private garden even though its a  communal space. Now there is room for a small table and chairs and a loads of interesting insect friendly plants to look at whilst having a quiet cuppa.

north facing planting for a small area outside a front door with orange pots

This design was needed to wow the judges in a Village in Bloom competition’; the customer wanted a dark-themed show-stopping display to impress the judges. How about some Buxus ‘dice’ to make the judges think Wow!

Being new to gardening and having a small garden need not mean a few green shrubs and a hanging basket! There are loads of easy-to-look-after plants you can choose from.

This garden belonged to an ambitious new gardener; they wanted space to grow lots of vegetables, potter in a shed and have a wildlife-friendly planting scheme


Create ‘secret’ spaces in small gardens using pathways and 3D planting. Rope and Post pergolas work well in small gardens


‘Create me a jungle’ said the customer; so we did!

Every part in a small garden needs to look good – so her even the gate becomes an art feature with a mirror to reflect the setting sun.

Small Garden Design

In small gardens use a walk through border to gain access to other parts of the garden; it makes a much more interesting journey.

before and after garden redeign small city garden contemporary design

A common garden problem needed solving – the big shed and a long concrete path dictate the view. So you need to create a new one; in this case, the path and patio were built at an angle to the house to make the journey to the shed less straightforward.

Small urban back garden 3 design ideas

Maximising space is all about minimising dead space. If an area can’t be used; it becomes a dead and wasted space. Here the pergola doubled up as a swing… clever eh?

drawing garden design garden large shed long path open prairie soft planting style

This garden was created for the birds, bees, bats and butterflies to enjoy; all we needed to do was make sure the owner had a lovely place to enjoy watching them all flutter about.


Epic Garden Makeovers

Not every garden is small, flat or has no view- so here’s how we added to these gardens’ already epic status!

This was a bit of a challenge! The brief… create a very low maintenance stunning garden out of a field; with year-round interest and most importantly, a place for bats, birds, bees and bugs to have a party! This one involved the drinking of many cups of my fabulous thinking tea!

large open garden oval shapes insect friendly

With a view like this one over the land of the Angles; the garden could not distract from the fabulous panorama. We had a little fun with the design, built around an ancient cross.

drawing garden redeign open planting garden with view over countryside exposed location

Upslopes can seem daunting, the trick is to repeat plant a few key plants, these hold the view up the slope creating a more natural-looking planting style

Garden design on a slope

Gardens should be fun, and what better than a galactic swirl for this front yard in the USA. And one of the largest varieties of Hosta – Empress Wu sits at the galaxy’s centre!

Epic Garden Makeovers

Large gardens can be featureless, but the lovely part of having space is you can create big bold shapes which help make the space feel more like a garden.

Large lawns redesign with open flowing border

The brief here was to create a river of colour down the slope…. and all these plants had to look after themselves as it was a pretty steep slope to garden on!

Drawing garden design large uphill slope prairie style planting scheme

Quiet simple formality made this new garden. Now that the trampoline was no longer needed; this owner wanted a more serene grown-up garden.

drawing garden redesign by PlantPlots open sweeping lawn shape purple white pink planting scheme

Creating an epic border design sometimes needs just one feature; in this case, a large urn that spills flowers all over the slope; all that then needed are some feature plants to compliment the ‘flower spill’


Gardens don’t need lots of plants to be gorgeous. Here just the gentle sweep of the lawn is used to create a minimally planted space so the views over the fields can be enjoyed.

tranquil fields

Odd shaped Gardens - sorted!

Give us a call if your garden is triangular, sloping, short, wide, long, narrow or just a really odd shape. We will help you find your perfect design.

So this was a newly cleared wedge shaped garden with hard landscaping the owner needed to keep. The challenge was to create a garden that flowed and looked like it was meant to be there.

odd shaped garden grass garden sweeping lawn and paths

When the space for the garden is a really awkward shape use repeat planting of one colour. This will capture your attention more than the odd shape.

Think about what you want to see and make that the dominant garden shape; here the lawn keeps your focus, so you don’t notice the angular garden fence lines.

Odd Shaped Garden Designs

Long narrow gardens need a reason to not just walk down the middle.

Long narrow garden design with pergola

Too many plants can also clutter or overpower any space, here they were used to hide the small upslope to a fence. But don’t hide anything – make it more beautiful instead!

Steep upslope shaded exposed garden terrace

If space is tight, use different foliage colours to add more interest. And look up, use pergolas and trellis to plant ‘up in the air’

Oh my; what a challenge this garden was – but this was all about the journey through the garden, where would you want to sit and what would you like to walk through.

Garden redesign large awkward shape triangle

When the garden is a really odd shape – create another big shape and use borders that don’t run parallel to the fences.

Triangular garden design

Big lawns shapes, raised eye level planting and walk through borders All reduce the impact of the wide but shallow space.


Renew and Relax

Garden design is not always about starting again – often the best changes simple rejuvenate and alter. Maximise the potential of your garden.

Here a simple reshaping of the lawn and the addition of a pergola make an open space feel like a garden to walk through. Simple easy and very cost-effective.

open natural planting scheme no mow lawn

Colour is so important in any garden, adding one colour can transform a garden; garden design made simple eh?

JC front border white theme

Larger gardens need a reason to make you want to walk to the end, entrances and exits help do that.

Making an entrance in the garden

I have always been a fan of walking through a border; it makes you feel part of the garden. Don’t place the border round the fence line, immerse yourself in it instead.

central circula patio surrounded by planting design

If budgets are tight, moving plants around and a simple reshaping of the lawn can be transformational.


Paths dominate your eye line in many gardens, here we used a border round the path to lessen it’s impact. Taller grasses stand proud of the shed and will dance in the breeze too – and are much nicer to watch than the shed!


The big oval lawn looks lovely from above and a new entrance is created to make the owners visit the end of the garden.

odd shaped garden grass garden sweeping lawn and paths

Why have a fence if all it does is hide a better view? Make outside the garden part of the view from your garden – it will make it feel bigger too.

bee friendly planting scheme for long sunny ditch insect friendly

Simple garden features can add a lot to a garden giving it a finishing touch. Here simple painted poles become a piece of garden art to enjoy all year.

Drawing garden redesign by PlantPlots remodel existing garden make wider, more geometric better lawn shape

It is better to use part of a whole shape than reduce the shape to fit. Here the garden feels more designed because the patio and lawn interlock.

Garden redesign woodlan garden blue purple colour themem

In any planting theme have a colour plan, green plus no more than 3 main colours – it will feel more together

Remodelled muddled garden

This simply was the case of one border needed that transformed the entire garden.

drawing garden redeign country landscape open farmland bee friendly planting scheme

In established gardens, the trick is to decide who’s boss… the plants or the lawn. In this case, the patio was extended at an angle and the line of the lawn decided where the plants should go.

Back garden transformed with single new border

Starting from scratch

When your new garden is just a patch of grass – where and how do you start?

One of the best ways to make small gardens feel bigger and look more interesting is to use height. Here the two pergolas will create more growing space as well as add some privacy and interest to the garden.

small back garden with planted pergola and interlocking circula lawn

Unloved spaces don’t have to be neglected or full of weeds – but you need to use tough but pretty plants that will grow in tough conditions. I don’t normally recommend Vinca in any garden, but it’s perfect for here.

replanted drainage ditch

Creating a wonderful family space needs happy planting. Here the raised border are filled with bulbs that will pop up a different times of the year.

drawing garden redesing raised borders by wooden summerhouse bright family friendly colours

Be bold with shrubs, green is not the only colour you can use. Keep the colour pallete simple for bolder and more impactful planting

Simple shapes anchor the lawn and patio together. Raised planters are used to create a seating area at the back, and the planting hides the odd shape of the fencing.

Why do house builders put the path right up the middle of the garden? A path can run next the fence and be just as useful a path!


Impose your shape on the garden and then use plants to fill up the odd shaped spaces left over.

Starting from scratch (6)

In a small garden, let the lawn run up to the fence, it will help keep the garden feeling bigger (even if it’s not)