No Mow May

No mow may

No Mow May

How to reduce the unnecessary work in the garden, may involve a bit of lateral thinking and challenging the established beliefs on what makes a good lawn. Plantlife UK are relaunching their no-mow may campaign to help Britains wildlife.

Here’s the challenge; lock up the lawnmower in May and see what grows in the lawn. Wildflowers are fantastic resources for foraging insects and a perfect mown lawn is like a green Sahara desert for a bee. Remember pristine striped lawns are an advertising construct created to sell more mowers, weedkillers, lawns seed and fertiliser. So let nature show what it can do this May, you might be surprised!

We would all love to have a garden that looks after itself, where plants are perfectly healthy, never grow too big and the weeds weren’t able to grow! This is never going to happen, but there are ways that will ensure your garden is less labour-intensive and easier to look after.  Creating any lower-maintenance garden is all about the methods used to garden,  whether you choose to be more biodiverse as well as the plants used. Gardens are not rooms that are separated by impervious walls, the natural world will always enter the garden and mess up your plans! So perhaps a great method to reducing garden maintenance is to change those plans.