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Hampton Court Flower Show

the Good, the Bad and the Unrealistic! This is the final post specifically about the RHS Hampton Court Flower Show 2021; and I must say that the show organisers have pulled a show together in the most difficult of circumstances. So congratulations to all, the World and Nature have thrown biblical events about like confetti over the last 18 months;

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How to design a natural looking garden

Gardens come in all shapes and sizes with a myriad of styles and themes, but in reality there are only 3 basic forms. Structured gardens, natural more informal gardens and themed gardens, this week’s post is all about creating a natural looking garden. Natural Garden Styles These gardens are by their very nature less ‘built’, with fewer hard landscaped structures.

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Bees V RHS – it’s time for the bees to win

Echinops - the best bee bistro around.

Bees V RHS – it’s time for the Bees to win.   The Royal Horticultural Society is an amazing institution. It’s role is to promote gardening and educate current and future generations about gardening and all things horticultural.   No one can argue that it does not fulfil this role admirably. However, the RHS has created a monster in the world of horticulture

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