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What ‘grown in the UK’ really means..

Advertising has to tell the truth, it just doesn’t have to tell the whole truth. In the year to 2017, the UK imported £975 million of plants and flowers into the UK ( we exported about £60+million) – which is more than the Music Industry made in the UK. It’s a massive massive trade – but is it sustainable and

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Little Listens…

Listen to our podcasts on all aspects of gardening, garden design and anything we think is important to know. If we don’t have a podcast on something you’d like to know about – get in touch and tell us what you’d like to know!

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Garden Makeovers – part 3

Garden Makeovers – it’s easier than you think! We thought we would do a few mini-makeovers with our border designs, so you can see how you can adapt them to any space.   This weeks garden is on a down slope. It’s fairly small with raised beds and a shed. There is a raised patio that looks down onto the

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How to get Low Maintenance Planting for Pots

Low Maintenance Planting for Pots This is a bit of a misnomer;  planting in pots will always more labour intensive than planting in soil as plants never evolved to grow in a pot! Plants were not designed to grow in a pot and so will be more demanding. There are ways to reduce the time you spend tending to your pots.  

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What is a Low Maintenance Garden – part 2

How to actually create one! We all love the idea of having a low maintenance garden, it conjures an image of lazy summer days spent in your garden watching the bees buzzing and you just relaxing. The reality though, generally involves you spending far too much time on mowing the grass, trimming the edges, weeding paths and taming the triffids! But with a

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What is a Low Maintenance Garden? part 1

What is a Low Maintenance Garden and how can I have one?   We would all love to have a beautiful but low maintenance garden, but what do we really mean by the phrase ‘low maintenance garden’?   Reducing the amount of time spent on unwanted chores in the garden is always desirable, but really low maintenance gardens take a lot of

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