Should you be using artificial grass ?

Using artificial grass

Should you be using artificial grass?

Should any garden be using artificial grass instead of a lawn or patio? Does using fake grass help keep create a low-maintenance garden? Are you cheating by using artificial grass? I have created a number of designs for customers who have already chosen to remove the lawn, replacing it with fake grass.

Best Reasons for using artificial grass:

Kids and footfall. The routes you walk down the garden tend to follow the same path, which will quickly wear the grass away.

Now, using artificial turf will not change the use of the garden, the routes you walk will stay the same, and the artificial grass will flatten rather than be worn away leaving bare soil. The lawn will look less weary, but you will still have obvious pathways through the garden, as the fibres of the turf will flatten.

No mowing. Artificial grass is assumed to be a low-maintenance alternative to grass. However, you need to think of it more as an outside carpet. It will be walked on, get muddy, and have leaves and debris fall on it. It will get pooped and wee’ed on by birds, foxes, cats and dogs, so it will need brushing, cleaning, and clearing (or hoovering!).

The question you need to decide is whether the time spent keeping the new lawn clean will be more or less effort than a conventional lawn.

How should you use artificial grass in a garden then?

Be selective, don’t cover a whole lawn in fake grass, as it won’t really save you much maintenance time. It will, however, remain green looking and is great if you have a lot of children who love running about playing football.

So the best advice is to only place it where conventional lawns won’t grow well because of overuse, or use it in place of paving. Walking barefoot on artificial grass is nicer on the feet than walking on hot paving stones for example.

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Designed from Photos

Designing a garden is not easy if you aren’t an expert gardener. This design was created without the need for site visits. All this lovely customer did was send a few photos and some measurements. After a couple of weeks, they now have a comprehensive design plan, helping to turn their garden from the ordinary into the extraordinary.

So it won’t matter if it takes 2 months or 2 years to finish – you will have a plan to help you all the way.

Creating the garden of your dreams is now possible.

Simple Practical and Affordable Design.

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We would all love to have a garden that looks after itself, where plants are perfectly healthy, never grow too big and the weeds weren’t able to grow! This is never going to happen, but there are ways that will ensure your garden is less labour-intensive and easier to look after.  Creating any lower-maintenance garden is all about the methods used to garden,  whether you choose to be more biodiverse as well as the plants used. Gardens are not rooms that are separated by impervious walls, the natural world will always enter the garden and mess up your plans! So the best method is to plan well and then the chores you have are those you don’t mind doing!