Hot and sunny gardens

Hot and Sunny Gardens – we love them….but they need looking after too!

We all love a bit of sun, and so do plants, in fact many love being absolutely baked by the sun all day (well they don’t have to worry about wrinkles and free radicals damage) but the key to them looking  gorgeous is all down to the soil.  

So if your soil looks like this….


your plants will not look like this in summer!

HC flower show slatted black fence red plants

So come the Autumn, Winter or even the Spring, add loads of well rotted compost or manure to the soil.

Don’t cover the base of the plants with it, but spread it round amongst everything at least 5-6cm deep, better 10cm deep.

Then your flowers will bask in the sun but have their toes dipped in ‘a cool pool’.

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