The Best Gardening Website Ever!

The Best Gardening Website Ever!

Well we think so, but amazingly get this….. 25,000 of you love our Podcast AND a mind-bogglingly amazing number of you also LOVE PlantPlots on Pinterest too.

The best gardening website ever?… well probably.


2.6 million views

Why is PlantPlots so good?

Well we aim to make gardening easier FOR YOU. All the advice aims to help you with your garden.

Border Planting Plans that take the guesswork out of choosing plants. It’s a bit like having a garden designer in your back pocket!

We provide Style Sheets to help you choose the planting mood for every type of garden (well there are loads to choose from anyway)!

We can Design Your Garden too. All of it or just the bit you need help with AND we don’t even need to visit you. We design from photos – affordable practical beautiful garden design; just for you.


There is a an Amazing Book this book really is a Garden-Changer.

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Also there are also Free Border Designs, and Free Garden Guides to help transform your garden!

The best gardening website ever – well we think so!

There is also our fabulous Podcast – The Plotting Shed so you can listed to all our advice whilst you are out for a walk or driving to work.