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Inside the Mind of a Garden Design – Muddled Gardens!

Muddled gardens – sadly creep up on the unsuspecting gardener, these are gardens that once followed a plan, but that over time have morphed and evolved into a bit of a muddled mess! This post accompanies the 2 podcast episode on Muddled Gardens. There are two parts to consider, the design layout and the planting layout. Design Layout go Back

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Inside the Mind of a Garden Design – Creating Impactful Borders

show garden at hampton court flower show yellow and black modern theme

This post links to my podcast where I talk about creating impactful borders. Most garden designs are not expensive or major overhauls of the garden, most involve just reworking what is already there. So how can you make the most of a small border or garden? There are 3 basic principles to follow: Create a contrast with the surroundings Concentrate

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Inside the Mind of a Garden Design – Suburban Gardens

suburban garden redesigned with grey paving and asymmetric borders

Suburban Gardens; make yours stand out from the crowd Gardens come in all shapes and sizes, but one of the most common forms is the suburban garden. Streets and roads lines with similar looking houses with a front garden and a rectangular garden at the back. The world of suburbia can be lovely, but it can also be uniform, regimented

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Inside the Mind of a Garden Design – shallow sloping garden

Gardens come in all shapes and sizes, but modern gardens tend to come in one particular size, which is small! Small gardens aren’t in themselves a problem, but size does matter. Here, we are looking at the decision process in dealing with a shallow sloping garden, and how to make them usable. This client had recently moved into a new

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3 Growbags book review..

We also very much liked the emphasis placed on the idea that a garden doesn’t have to be perfect to make you happy – an important message for all of us! the 3 growbags 1/10/20 A big thank you to the 3 growbags book review. The 3 growbags are sisters who live in Sussex and Scotland and who share their

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7 simple rules of garden design

Gardens are wonderful places to be, but often the garden just does not deliver what it should. So how does an non-expert create a garden that is practical, affordable and beautiful, when they have never designed a garden before. Follow these 7 simple rules of garden design that help you make the right changes to your garden. Now before we

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A Brilliant Book Review

book i want to like my garden book review

I just received this review from award winning blog @MandyCanUDigIt – AND I AM PRETTY CHUFFED! A brilliant garden design book review 🙂 A cracking read packed with common sense for new (and experienced) gardeners! With lockdown meaning so many people turned to that patch of earth between their fence and the back door for relaxation, purpose and solace,

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Should you water your garden?

Listen to our latest podcast from The Plotting Shed. 2020 is turning into a year of momentous change, climate change and the Covid19 has forced us to rethink how we live. In a smaller context, how we garden is important too, the small changes we make in your garden and how we all garden collectively have a huge cumulative effect.

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It’s here, its live, it’s launched – and possibly the best garden book you’ll ever get.

I Want to Like my Garden by Rachel McCartain is now published. This really is a gardening book unlike any other you may have read – why; because it has been written to answer two questions: How can anyone ‘do’ their garden if they don’t know what to do and If a person didn’t know much about plants, what do

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Just some gorgeous flowers from my garden

May is simply the best month of the year in the garden. Here are a few pictures of what my garden is up to today. Enjoy the weekend folks!

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