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Why the drive for perfection is killing us!

At PlantPlots we firmly believe it is our responsibility to leave the planet in a better state than we found it. In all aspects of our lives we can make easy and simple changes to how we live that cumulatively will have a huge impact on the world we inhabit. So what are we talking about here, what is meant

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Evolution never stops

Just took a picture of the Verbena Bonariensis in my garden and realised to my absolute delight that evolution occurs every day, it’s just that we hardly ever notice. Why, well take a look at this picture, I have not changed the colour of anything…. and there’s one little petal that has decided it didn’t want to be purple. So

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Chelsea Flower Show 2019

Finally – Show Gardens are showing who the garden is really for It’s that time of year again when we all glue ourselves in front of the TV (or attend for those who have a ticket) drinking in the sights sounds and spectacle that is the Chelsea Flower Show. And this years show gardens seem to all have finally grabbed

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What ‘grown in the UK’ really means..

Advertising has to tell the truth, it just doesn’t have to tell the whole truth. In the year to 2017, the UK imported £975 million of plants and flowers into the UK ( we exported about £60+million) – which is more than the Music Industry made in the UK. It’s a massive massive trade – but is it sustainable and

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Please feel free to download

If you love the sound of happy bees & butterflies buzzing & fluttering round your garden then download this design now.   It’s packed with wonderful plants that will feed your bees for much of the year. [download id=”9240″]

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Bees V RHS – it’s time for the bees to win

Echinops - the best bee bistro around.

Bees V RHS – it’s time for the Bees to win.   The Royal Horticultural Society is an amazing institution. It’s role is to promote gardening and educate current and future generations about gardening and all things horticultural.   No one can argue that it does not fulfil this role admirably. However, the RHS has created a monster in the world of horticulture

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The Trouble with Flower Shows…

Agapanthus in molinia show garden planting bad idea

The Trouble with Flower Shows…   What trouble, flowers shows are meant to inspire us, show us how to garden & display amazing plants in wonderful garden settings! Shows are the pinnacle of horticultural achievement, where they lead we should follow….   Or should we?

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Does your Garden Taste Good?

Does your Garden Taste Good? And why this matters.   Sitting in a garden in Summer watching bees buzz and butterflies flutter is one of life’s great pleasures. Not only is it a pleasure for us to watch (unless you are melissophobic or lepidopterophobic of course!), it is also hugely beneficial to all those insects too!   Bees have to work really hard

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Gardens are for life – not for show

Why Gardens should be for Life, not just for Show   Show Gardens are fantastic aren’t they! They represent all that is innovative, stunning (expensive!) and exciting, we wander through garden shows being wowed on every side by picture perfect paradises packed full of colour, scent and cool stuff! And it’s great, but then we all go home and I

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Real Gardeners Love Life – but what about the bugs!

Insect Friendly Flowers also attract bugs Why would you want to attract insects to the plants and flowers in your garden – all they do is eat them! That’s true, but it is absolutely vital to human survival that they do!     To explain, first we have to take a step out of your garden.  Humans are part of the great ecosystem

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