How can you get ‘inspiration’ from a £250k show garden – really?


Small Garden Design: Show gardens are just for show!

Show gardens are amazing, super expensive, but amazing.  Everything is perfect, most are incredibly beautiful and stuffed to bursting with the most beautiful plants and offset by spectacular sculptures, gazebos, patios and furniture. 

It is our glimpse at how those gardens behind elaborate electric fences would (or should) look – and we all love to dream.

My only bugbear is that very often you hear how inspirational these are and how people can take away ideas to use in their own gardens – well take a look at this (beautiful) show garden, it is beautiful because all the elements work together, but which bit can I take away and realistically use?

So if you are going to tell us that on TV or in a magazine, explain what you mean, so here you could explain that it’s elegance comes (not just from the amount of money spent) but from the fact that only 2 colours are used.  Tell us that white stone may not be the most practical colour in the UK’s climate, however if you used this paving instead, it would be an excellent substitute. Also tell us that maybe don’t use pure white flowers with the non white paving, use only lime greens for example. That way ‘us mere non designer mortals’ can actually get some useful inspiration from a show garden!

Fortunately this website is absolutely packed with lots of practical sensible ideas that WILL help you transform your garden.

You just need to start here! 


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