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7 Best Garden Design Tips

If there is one thing the Covid pandemic lockdowns have demonstrated to everyone, is the importance of being outside and how gardens affect our mental wellbeing. Gardens and green spaces are so important because of how they make us feel. But often gardens just don’t deliver what they should, and that is down to the design. Designing a garden however

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Best Garden Design Books

Summer is the best time to see how your garden is growing and whether your plan is working!! But if your garden is not behaving itself – or it’s just not making you smile…. there’s a great little book that’s perfect for you! Now I will blow my own trumpet but one of the best garden design books you could

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PlantPlots Design

2021 – has been our best year ever! PlantPlots Design Service just took off this year with orders from all over the country, in case you were wondering why I haven’t been posting as much. It’s because I have been flat out designing loads of gardens! Now that the summer has well and truly arrived and everyone is enjoying being

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How to Plan a Garden Border

Let’s face it gardens are really all about the planting. We don’t walk into a garden and think ‘ooh amazing patio’ or ‘the path looks great’. Instead we walk around a garden looking at the plants, that is where the enjoyment lies. So this post is all about how to plan a garden border, so that it looks amazing and

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Small Garden Design by PlantPlots

It’s been a busy February! Thought you would like to see all the designs created last month… Much thinking tea was consumed! And March is even busier …eeek! 🙂 Try our design service -it’s really rather good!

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How to maximise space in a small garden

Most articles about garden design will show you pictures of wonderful gardens and then tell you all those things you can do to maximise space in a small garden. But much of the ‘advice’ doesn’t help much; it tends to say… ‘Have a Plan’ | ‘Sensible Seating’ | ‘Create a Sensory Experience’ | ‘Plant in Layers’ | ‘Pick the Right

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Plan for Debris!

Acer palmatum leaves backlit by sunlight

Good morning everyone, just a short post today, but before you read further, I would like to wish all my readers well during this global pandemic. I firmly believe that from awful things comes some good, and after this Coronavirus changes the world, I think it will change all of us for the better. The truly important things will be

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Choosing Plants for the Garden

Echinops - the best bee bistro around.

3 simple steps to remember when choosing what plants to put in your garden

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BEE Responsible Gardening

“If the bee disappeared off the surface of the globe, then man would have only four years of life left. No more bees, no more pollination, no more plants, no more animals, no more man.”  Albert Einstein     That’s a scary statement – but it’s pretty much true.   So we really need to help maintain the bee populations globally.

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