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And the best garden at the Chelsea Flower Show was…!

Here at PlantPlots we like to view gardens from you, the users, perspective; consequently, what the RHS thought was the best garden at the Chelsea Flower Show 2021 was not the one the RHS chose – and here’s why… Chelsea is predominately a flower show; a theatre of plants and showcase of horticultural expertise. New ambitious emerging design talent showcase

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7 Best Garden Design Tips

If there is one thing the Covid pandemic lockdowns have demonstrated to everyone, is the importance of being outside and how gardens affect our mental wellbeing. Gardens and green spaces are so important because of how they make us feel. But often gardens just don’t deliver what they should, and that is down to the design. Designing a garden however

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Hampton Court Flower Show

the Good, the Bad and the Unrealistic! This is the final post specifically about the RHS Hampton Court Flower Show 2021; and I must say that the show organisers have pulled a show together in the most difficult of circumstances. So congratulations to all, the World and Nature have thrown biblical events about like confetti over the last 18 months;

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A Brilliant Book Review

book i want to like my garden book review MandyCanUDigIt.com

I just received this review from award winning blog Mandycanudigit.com @MandyCanUDigIt – AND I AM PRETTY CHUFFED! A brilliant garden design book review 🙂 A cracking read packed with common sense for new (and experienced) gardeners! With lockdown meaning so many people turned to that patch of earth between their fence and the back door for relaxation, purpose and solace,

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How to buy plants properly – 5 golden rules

How do you buy plants properly?   Well, the best way to explain how is with a sofa.   So you’ve just watched the Chelsea Flower Show all week and now you’re on a mission to do-up the garden. Gardening can be really expensive, buying plants certainly is – so how can you buy plants properly, so you don’t waste

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Make your garden look like a Chelsea Show Garden

Chelsea Show Garden  Want one of these? But have one of these…. In my previous post on Chelsea show gardens, we looked at why it will be nigh on impossible to recreate a show garden at home but that we could take on board bits of the gardens to create a bit more glamour at home.

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