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How to ‘do’ Garden Mirrors

I have always been a lover of garden mirrors. Mirrors are a great design tool, available in every shape and size, but mostly because; a well placed mirror in the garden can transform the ordinary into the extraordinary! What’s so great about garden mirrors? Mirrors have 4 main functions in any garden, To reflect sunlight into dark spaces They add

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Choosing Plants for the Garden

Echinops - the best bee bistro around.

3 simple steps to remember when choosing what plants to put in your garden

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Maximising space in a small garden

Maximising space in a small garden is all about minimising ‘dead space’ Garden sizes have been shrinking for decades – which is a crying shame. As land for development becomes ever more expensive, more houses are squeezed into the same sized area with the casualty being the garden.   Although your garden is getting smaller, the stuff we need to use

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Hanging baskets & why you should avoid them

Hanging Baskets & why you are better off without them.   We Brits have always had an obsession for hanging baskets. We spend millions on these displays every year. Beautiful displays sing out the conquest of one’s horticultural ability over the elements. More often than not though, the compost heap quickly fills with thrown away shrivelled and dried out displays.  Should we

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Does your Garden Taste Good?

Does your Garden Taste Good? And why this matters.   Sitting in a garden in Summer watching bees buzz and butterflies flutter is one of life’s great pleasures. Not only is it a pleasure for us to watch (unless you are melissophobic or lepidopterophobic of course!), it is also hugely beneficial to all those insects too!   Bees have to work really hard

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Gardens are for life – not for show

Why Gardens should be for Life, not just for Show   Show Gardens are fantastic aren’t they! They represent all that is innovative, stunning (expensive!) and exciting, we wander through garden shows being wowed on every side by picture perfect paradises packed full of colour, scent and cool stuff! And it’s great, but then we all go home and I

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