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How to Design a Small Garden

Garden sizes aren’t what they used to be, many modern gardens are small and often odd shapes. This reduction in area makes designing more difficult, what can you put in and what should you leave out of the garden. Traditionally gardens have been designed around a lawn with flower beds and a small patio, but this layout doesn’t work well

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Are RHS Show Gardens worth copying?

In other words – how to not let show gardens deceive you! OK, so am I being harsh, well actually no. Having visited several shows over the years, the show gardens and display gardens although lovely and fabulous, do very little to help the average garden owner or novice gardener. The reality can sometimes be the opposite and can cause

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RHS Hampton Court Flower Show 2021

We came, We saw, We thought …. I was so excited this year to receive my first ever Press Pass to this years RHS Hampton Court Flower Show! So myself and trusty photographer friend H, (whom you will all soon meet in the next series of podcasts from ‘The Plotting Shed‘) rose at the crack of dawn to drive to

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How to Plan a Garden Border

Let’s face it gardens are really all about the planting. We don’t walk into a garden and think ‘ooh amazing patio’ or ‘the path looks great’. Instead we walk around a garden looking at the plants, that is where the enjoyment lies. So this post is all about how to plan a garden border, so that it looks amazing and

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How to design a natural looking garden

Gardens come in all shapes and sizes with a myriad of styles and themes, but in reality there are only 3 basic forms. Structured gardens, natural more informal gardens and themed gardens, this week’s post is all about creating a natural looking garden. Natural Garden Styles These gardens are by their very nature less ‘built’, with fewer hard landscaped structures.

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How to maximise space in a small garden

Most articles about garden design will show you pictures of wonderful gardens and then tell you all those things you can do to maximise space in a small garden. But much of the ‘advice’ doesn’t help much; it tends to say… ‘Have a Plan’ | ‘Sensible Seating’ | ‘Create a Sensory Experience’ | ‘Plant in Layers’ | ‘Pick the Right

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How to Make a Garden Feel Bigger..

Geranium johnsons blue flower in sun close up

How to make a garden feel bigger than it actually is! 4 simple design methods to make the best use of your garden. Now, we could now start by showing you images of gardens that look like this… but at PlantPlots, we don’t really think these help especially if your garden looks something more like this… What you really want

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How to ‘do’ Garden Mirrors

I have always been a lover of garden mirrors. Mirrors are a great design tool, available in every shape and size, but mostly because; a well placed mirror in the garden can transform the ordinary into the extraordinary! What’s so great about garden mirrors? Mirrors have 4 main functions in any garden, To reflect sunlight into dark spaces They add

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Choosing Plants for the Garden

Echinops - the best bee bistro around.

3 simple steps to remember when choosing what plants to put in your garden

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