Garden Ideas: Gardening on a tight budget!

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Garden Ideas: Making a Garden on a tight Budget.


OK, so you’ve just got your brand new house and with it comes a brand new garden….how exciting. But the view’s a bit naff and you’ve not a lot of money available to fix it.




What can you do to create a garden with hardly any money to spend?


Blank canvas’ can be a boon to some people but can also be quite intimidating especially if it’s your first garden and the budget is limited. Take this drawing (of someone’s actual garden), it’s all fence and boundaries.



If money is tight, your best option is to focus your efforts in one area. So, imagine you are sitting inside and this is the view down the garden, the perspective of the side fencing automatically draws your eye to the end fence – this is where you need to start, as it is the first area of the garden that captures your attention.

The next part is to create something eye catching to focus your attention away from the grass and fencing, but it has to be relatively cheap.

Plants that you can divide and plants that grow quite quickly are a good bet to get started, as are plants that grow readily from seed.




Here we have used plants from the ‘Towers of Feathers‘ design. If you buy a bigger plant from the garden centre, you can split them into 2 or 3 plants, and each of these will grow quite quickly. These plants will also thrive on thin soils so if the builders have turfed over a whole load of building debris, these plants should grow well and you haven’t had a back breaking dig!


The borders on each side mirror each other but most importantly they are taller than the fence. The gap in the centre can then be used for a focal point, here we have added an outdoor canvas. What’s the first thing you see now….the back fence?


Lastly, horizontal trellis had been added to the fencing, we used lengths of baton painted black.


The visual effect now is to lengthen the garden and draw your eye to the bit you want to show off.


And don’t forget your hedgehog hole..!