Should you water your garden?


Listen to our latest podcast from The Plotting Shed. 2020 is turning into a year of momentous change, climate change and the Covid19 has forced us to rethink how we live.

watering garden sprinkler systems should you water the garden question

In a smaller context, how we garden is important too, the small changes we make in your garden and how we all garden collectively have a huge cumulative effect.

So yesterday, on my daily amble to the beach, I made a monumental decision – I am not going to water my garden again. I am going to see what thrives and what doesn’t. It will be Darwinian, I will most likely stop growing plants in pots (unless these are extremely tolerant of drought) – why, well it is time to stop behaving like King Canute.

Make the gardening easier; learn to work with your weather.