Good Garden Advice for Selling your Home – part 5

Good Garden Advice for Selling your Home - part 5

Good Garden Advice for Selling your Home – part 5

I have a boring view or there is no view!


Whilst we would love to look out of the window and see rolling hills and green fields many of our domestic views are a little less inspiring! You can make a very boring view a whole lot more interesting – but you need to be inventive.


How to make your garden view more interesting…


1: Create your own ‘view’

window painting
Who said pictures can only go on inside walls?

Humans love looking at things, so if the outside of the window is awful, make something nice to look at. Use bright colours or bold designs to make it eye catching. Make sure when you are standing up, you can see the new view through the window. Here an outdoor canvas has been attached to the wall.



2: Create a little garden to look at

window and plants
Your own little ‘vertical’ garden!

Add shelves outside and place something pretty to look at on them. Again make sure it is visible when you stand up and look through the window. If you are using plants, it can be hard to water up high, so cheat, use a mixture of evergreen plants that are drought tolerant, (ivy is good) and add in some artificial flowers – tastefully of course! If you are putting pots or heavy objects on the shelves – attach them securely to the shelf to prevent anything being blown off.



3: Use movement to hide the view

window and grass
It’s hard to get movement in a picture, but hopefully you get the drift!

If the ugly view is not yours and you can’t attach anything to it, then the best way to disguise it is to use something that moves. Place a tall pot outside the window, weight it down securely and plant a tall grass in it. The stems of the grass will then waft in any breeze, hiding what’s behind.

This can also be done with a window box, you want light airy plants that will sway rather than solid greenery.




If you cannot place anything outside the window, then rather than resort to a dense net curtain, create something nice inside the window to catch the eye, maybe a vase filled with fairy lights, hang light catching baubles or mirrored balls in front of the window or some pot plants on your windowsill (make them tall plants though).  It’s all about saying ‘Look at this not stare at that!’ – the home selling equivalent to a little make up and a good foundation.

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You’ve some prospective buyers arriving soon:

If you have prospective buyers due to arrive, make sure the front garden create the best first impression – after all it’s usually the first thing they see when they arrive.

What to do if your garden is not quite up to scratch:

We all want to maximise the value of our homes when selling – without having to spend a lot of money in the process.

Yep – that’s exactly how big the garden is!

We cannot escape the garden boundaries, however they highlight to the limits of the space people are looking to move into. So if you have a small garden and your are surrounded by fences, is there any way to minimise the negative impact of lots of fencing and enhance your garden more?

I’m not the world’s keenest gardener!

Your garden can be one of your best sales assets, although an unloved garden is unlikely to put off an interested buyer, it is not going to encourage them to bid up the price either!

Also what can you do if the garden is not the house’s best asset!

We can’t change the environment outside the garden, but we can lessen the negative impact on the garden. Here’s how

Ah yes, we don’t use that bit of the garden – at all!

Don’t let the garden work against your sale.  Buyers will spot all the tricky bits of the garden before they see the nice bits…so you need to have a plan to disguise the difficult bits better!

Well, the neighbours are really quite lovely…(most of the time)

Very few of us live in splendid isolation, we all have neighbours. Now that is all well and good, but will the neighbours garden style help or hinder your sale!


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