Good Garden Advice for Selling your Home – part 4

Good Garden Advice for Selling your Home - part 4

Good Garden Advice for Selling your Home – part 4

There is a distinct lack of privacy!


Most modern gardens are overlooked by neighbouring windows, and it can be quite a turn off for prospective buyers -we would all love our gardens to be totally private, but if they are not, what can you do to minimise the impact of the neighbours windows.

Easy ways to make your garden more private!


1: Strategic Shrubs!

grass screen
And you can take them with you when you move

Blocking the neighbours view of your garden does not require tall fences or huge hedges -you just end up blocking out your own light instead. The area you would like to be most private is usually where you sit in the evening, so sit there and see which windows overlook that place. A strategically placed shrub should screen that window.  If you don’t have a shrub to hand or can’t move any from elsewhere in the garden, consider tall pot and plant a tall grass in it. Grasses are great for cheap screening, they are fast growing, cheap to buy, they don’t require much water and will still look good – so they work really well if you aren’t good at remembering to water!


2: Make an area of the garden really eye-catching

Your buyers will tend to notice this first, rather than all the windows – make it tall and dramatic and put it in a spot so that it is the first thing they see when stepping into your garden.


3: Invest in a large parasol or sail awning

A strategically placed parasol will hide a multitude of unwanted views. Always have the parasol or sail ‘up’ when you have a house viewing.


overlooked - line drawing
OK it’s a new garden, but there’s no hiding from the neighbours.
Big bright planting and a well placed parasol and the neighbours seem a little less ‘neighbourly’.









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You’ve some prospective buyers arriving soon:

If you have prospective buyers due to arrive, make sure the front garden create the best first impression – after all it’s usually the first thing they see when they arrive.

What to do if your garden is not quite up to scratch:

We all want to maximise the value of our homes when selling – without having to spend a lot of money in the process.

Oh, there is no view – sorry!

Buyers will always look out of the window to see ‘the view’ – but if your view is not the most appealing, what can you do? 

Yep – that’s exactly how big the garden is!

We cannot escape the garden boundaries, however they highlight to the limits of the space people are looking to move into. So if you have a small garden and your are surrounded by fences, is there any way to minimise the negative impact of lots of fencing and enhance your garden more?

I’m not the world’s keenest gardener!

Your garden can be one of your best sales assets, although an unloved garden is unlikely to put off an interested buyer, it is not going to encourage them to bid up the price either!

Also what can you do if the garden is not the house’s best asset!

We can’t change the environment outside the garden, but we can lessen the negative impact on the garden. Here’s how

Ah yes, we don’t use that bit of the garden – at all!

Don’t let the garden work against your sale.  Buyers will spot all the tricky bits of the garden before they see the nice bits…so you need to have a plan to disguise the difficult bits better!

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