Good Garden Advice for Selling your Home – part 3

Good Garden Advice for Selling your Home - part 3

Good Garden Advice for Selling your Home – part 3

Creating a more interesting garden – cheaply!


OK, you are trying to sell your home and you think the garden is looking a little dull and uninteresting – it won’t stop you selling your home, but it won’t help to encourage a buyer to buy either!

How to make your garden more interesting…


1: Concentrate your efforts on one area

2015-07-03 12.21.32
It’s OK but…..
little view
what catches your eye now?

Which is the first window any buyer will look through to view your garden, which part of the garden is framed by the window? That is the area you concentrate on. You need to pack this ‘view’ with nice stuff to look at – and it doesn’t mean buying loads of plants to fill this space or spending lots of money.  Look at the plants in the garden, would it be better to dig and move some together to create a spectacular border rather than have all the plants dotted around the edges.


2: Make what you have more interesting

Put cushions on your patio chairs and a tablecloth on the table, make it bright and cheerful. If you have pots dotted around the garden, bring them together in one place near where people would sit for more impact. 


3: Add some colour to the garden

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Well it’s not a boring green hedge is it?

This doesn’t mean added bucket loads of garish coloured plants all over the place, you need a plan!  If the garden is rather shaded then use white flowers to liven up darker corners. Put them in pots so you can move the flowers into darker corners for viewings and then back to the sunshine afterwards. But stick to one colour of flower only, it can be different shades. There is more impact with a single block of colour. Avoid blues as they don’t really stand out.

You can also use objects to inject colour, so maybe lantern lights or bunting. Hang mirrored balls from trees to catch the light or use mirrors to reflect light and brighten dark spaces. You want your buyer to remember something positive about the garden rather than nothing at all!

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You’ve some prospective buyers arriving soon:

If you have prospective buyers due to arrive, make sure the front garden create the best first impression – after all it’s usually the first thing they see when they arrive.

Oh, there is no view – sorry!

Buyers will always look out of the window to see ‘the view’ – but if your view is not the most appealing, what can you do? 

Yep – that’s exactly how big the garden is!

We cannot escape the garden boundaries, however they highlight to the limits of the space people are looking to move into. So if you have a small garden and your are surrounded by fences, is there any way to minimise the negative impact of lots of fencing and enhance your garden more?

I’m not the world’s keenest gardener!

Your garden can be one of your best sales assets, although an unloved garden is unlikely to put off an interested buyer, it is not going to encourage them to bid up the price either!

Also what can you do if the garden is not the house’s best asset!

We can’t change the environment outside the garden, but we can lessen the negative impact on the garden. Here’s how

Ah yes, we don’t use that bit of the garden – at all!

Don’t let the garden work against your sale.  Buyers will spot all the tricky bits of the garden before they see the nice bits…so you need to have a plan to disguise the difficult bits better!

Well, the neighbours are really quite lovely…(most of the time)

Very few of us live in splendid isolation, we all have neighbours. Now that is all well and good, but will the neighbours garden style help or hinder your sale!


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