Garden Makeovers – part 4


Garden Makeovers – it’s easier than you think!



We thought we would do a few mini-makeovers with our border designs, so you can see how you can adapt them to any space.

Thousands of new homes are built each year in the UK and so are thousands of new gardens, but if you are faced with a blank canvas it can be quite tricky to get started, especially if you are fairly new to gardening!

Like many new gardens, you usually have a lawn and a patio and quite a lot of fence to look at, so where do you start!

In this image, the garden has only one shrub, there are some trees behind the fence which create some privacy and give you something to look at, but the rest is pretty bare.



This is quite a sunny garden so we have decided to use our Bee Bistro design to plant the borders. All the plants will thrive in these conditions, in addition many of the plants will thrive on poorish soil too, which is sadly all too common in many new build gardens.

Many of these plants can be bought as seed and will establish pretty quickly, so if your budgets don’t run to a Chelsea Show Garden style of planting, you can still have a pretty garden without having to break the bank!

corner plot bee bistro

Over time some taller plants can be added that will can be strategically planted to shield your garden from overlooking windows, but that won’t create too much shade. But whilst those plants establish themselves, you can have filled your garden with beautiful flowers that bees and butterflies will love too.

Garden makeovers shouldn’t be too daunting, with a little thought and a bit of effort, you can easily transform any space and get the garden you really wanted.

And don’t forget to make a little hedgehog hole too!


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