Garden Makeovers – part 3


Garden Makeovers – it’s easier than you think!


We thought we would do a few mini-makeovers with our border designs, so you can see how you can adapt them to any space.


This weeks garden is on a down slope. It’s fairly small with raised beds and a shed.

There is a raised patio that looks down onto the garden, a lawn and a rectangular shingle bed by the fence. There are only a few small plants in the raised border, as a consequence the garden appears rather barren and all you really notice is the shed.




Down slopes are lovely in the sense you can get a different perspective on the garden, but the view of your garden has to also compete with the view all around as well.

If the view outside the garden is gorgeous, then lucky you, however, if what you see outside the garden is not particularly inspiring, then you need planting that will capture your attention and hold it inside the fences.

On the plus side, this garden is sunny and because it’s on a slope, drainage is good. However there is a large rectangular shingle bed by the fence which isn’t adding to the visual layout of the garden. This, along with the original lawn shape needs a bit of a dig!




The first task, is to remodel the lawn. Offsetting the oval lawn and taking it right up to the fence line widens the garden and the curve of the lawn now mirrors the curve of the patio you are sitting on, which makes it look a whole lot better.


rich velvets loud pinks


As the view is not terrible beautiful outside the garden, we have gone bold and loud with the planting, using our Rich Velvets & Loud Pinks design.

The fence panels have been left unpainted and so have taken on a silvery grey colour, which we all know goes really well with pink, the patio is also a grey stone so again the planting will compliment what you already have.

All you need to do is add a few pots on the patio and ‘voila’ a garden worth looking at.

And don’t forget to have a hedgehog hole!


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