Garden Makeovers – part 2


Garden Makeovers – it’s easier than you think!


We thought we would do a few mini-makeovers with our border designs, so you can see how you can adapt them to any space.


This week’s little makeover is for a really sunny garden however, the house is a new build and although the house developers have created some ‘features’ by adding a path, patio, lawns and a large purple stoned area, there’s not much else.

In addition, the worst possible fence colour has been used… ‘fence red’, all this does is make a dominant feature of something that really is rather unattractive.




Once again, this is actually a drawing of someone’s garden, so what do we have…well lots of red, green, purple, yellowish coloured patio slabs and not a lot else!


In addition, the lawn has been split by the path, neither lawn is now  big enough to do anything on and both have ended up a rather amorphous blob shape.


But it is what you have been left with, and you can’t spend loads of money redoing the hard landscaping, so how would you makeover this garden?

fountains and fluff amoeba lawn


OK, the first part involves painting, we’ve used a soft sage green colour to paint the fence, this tones the fence down and reduces its visual impact.


We can’t really do anything about the blob shaped lawn, but the lawn by the fence is really redundant, so we’ve planted it with our Fountains & Fluff plants. The tall grasses hide the fence lines and the height of the fluffy bits lifts your eyeline, so you notice the red edging a little less.


All the plants are fairly easy to grow and will thrive on poorish soils (and can be grown from seed), so you won’t need to dig down through all that hidden builders rubble when you  plant!


We’ve also used the same plants all round the area, now you may think that will be a little boring, but you’ve got a lot going on with paths, the purple stones and the patio, it’s the same principle as patterned carpet; plain walls, plain carpet; patterned walls.


Now it feels like you have a route past your main garden border. The patio at this end has similar planting in pots on the stones and the whole area feels a lot more like a garden!

And don’t forget to make  hedgehog hole too!

Next Week – part 3, as if you can wait!


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