Garden Makeovers – part 1


Garden Makeovers – it’s easier than you think!



Following on from the posts on how to lower the unwanted maintenance in your garden, we thought we would do a few mini-makeovers with our border designs, so you can see how you can adapt them to any space.


The idea is that with inexpensive changes and a little imagination, you can convert any small space into a gorgeous garden.


All the drawings are taken from images of actual gardens.


The garden below is typical of many terraces, a narrow and rectangular space, but what are the first things that leap out at you?




Probably the fence colour and the path to nowhere. Red is a colour that is unfathomably popular to paint fence panels. It is a colour that clashes and rather overpowers any plants you put in the garden.  Red does have a place in the garden, but not all over the fence panels and shed!

Clearly the owner of this garden is no gardener, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a nicer place to sit outside.

As we are trying to makeover the garden on a smaller budget, there are only a few plants we’ll add, some fence colour and a trellis all the rest is manual labour!


The fences have been painted grey, as has the shed, straight away the areas does not feel quite so enclosed. At the end of the garden a trellis has been placed, this creates a small screened off area for the bins and other garden stuff you’d rather not look at. The main ‘exertion’ has been in re-modelling the lawn.

Offsetting the angle of the lawn allows the garden to appear slightly wider than it really is. Now the areas of earth this then throws up are where you can plant, but if budgets are tight, then only plant the main border near the house. The rest you could add some shingle or bark which will help keep weeds at bay until you can plant there.

grey fence fab fronts for shade

We have used plants from the Fab Fronts for Shade range, this keeps a colour scheme that’s sympathetic to the garden fences. The whole area seems a little more calming and the path now appears to have more of a purpose as it heads down to the trellis.

Lastly, a little trick to help widen your garden is to mow the lawn at an angle too, that’s if you can convince the ‘keeper of the mower’ to be a little more artistic when they mow!

So garden makeovers are easier than you think, all they need is a little imagination, a bit of digging and fewer plants than you think!

And don’t forget to have a hedgehog hole too!


Next Week – Part 2 (but you probably had already worked that out!)

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