Our Garden Gallery

Our Garden Gallery: Plants that make you go…ooooh!

Everyone loves a picture of a beautiful flower, and so we thought we’d show you some taken from our garden, there are some that aren’t from the garden but we  don’t have a garden big enough to fit all these lovely plants in – sadly! We hope you enjoy having a browse.

Many of these plants are used in the border designs we have created for you – but not all, as some are a little prone to misbehaving and so they haven’t ‘made the grade’ to be included in our designs; but they are still pretty to look at!

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All images copyright PlantPlots 2020 unless stated.  Ultraviolet flower images by Craig Burrows

  • Allium flower close up
  • Syringa lilac white flower close up
  • Abutilon flower light blue mauve colour close up
  • Geranium johnsons blue flower in sun close up
  • Acer palmatum leaves backlit by sunlight
  • Rhododendron Luteum flower yellow close up
  • FOrget mt not flower by brick path spring flowers pale blue flower
  • Geum Mrs Bradshaw flower close red
  • Abuliton flowers lilac coloured
  • Allium Hollandicum unfurling
  • Aquilegia flower close up purple
  • Abutilon flowers in white
  • Allium Hollandicum close up
  • Syringa lilac flowers opening
  • Crambe cordifollia large green leaf
  • Echinops - the best bee bistro around.
  • cosmos astrosanguineus flower chocolate
  • plebioblastus-aureocolis yellow bamboo foliage
  • geranium-psilostemon flower magenta pink

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If you are just browsing, there are lots of other lovely pictures to see from plants that make you go “oooh!Ideas for garden makeovers gardens we’ve redesigned and also our blog The Plotting Shed