Our Garden Gallery

Our Garden Gallery: Plants that make you go…ooooh!

Everyone loves a picture of a beautiful flower, and so we thought we’d show you some taken from our garden, there are some that aren’t from the garden but we  don’t have a garden big enough to fit all these lovely plants in – sadly! We hope you enjoy having a browse.

Many of these plants are used in the border designs we have created for you – but not all, as some are a little prone to misbehaving and so they haven’t ‘made the grade’ to be included in our designs; but they are still pretty to look at!

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All images copyright PlantPlots 2020

 20160706_123713PlantPlots 20160706_123727PlantPlots 20160706_123817PlantPlots 20160706_123827PlantPlots 20160706_123848PlantPlots 20160706_123907plantPlots 20160706_123925plantPlots 20160706_124018PlantPlots 20160706_124119PlantPlots 20160706_124138PlantPlots 20160706_124305PlantPlots 20160706_124351plantPlots Acer Palmatum PlantPlots eggs on a nasturtium leaf (1) Fern Galium Oderatum flowers (3) Heuchera close up Oxalis pink show garden close up mushroom achillea close up Frittilleria Meleagris flowers crop DSCF2097 DSCF2098 Emilia sonchifolia orange 2 cosmos astrosanguineus flower papaver orange tulip Queen of night close up phormium cream white close up linum grandiflorum rubrum 2 (1) hellebore flowers (1) gaura flower (2) glanthus in pot crop miscanthus sinensis close up Salvia Blue Queen schisostylis coccines flower heuchera lime marmalade philadelhus flower catananche rudbeckia 1200 Hakenohloea Allium H opening borage flower crop hydrangea annabelle flower (1)  iris-yellow-1 geum-mrs-bradshaw dianthus-arctic-fire crocosmia-lucifer-flower cosmos-pink sun4 sun1 thalictrum-delavayii-hewitts-double-1-e1425566050401 phormium-sundowner-1-e1425563327683 citinus-in-sun rudbeckia goldstrum 2 snowy geraniums Nicotiana white (1) imperata rubra dianthus barbaratus sooty (1) Achillea paprika Verbena-peruvian-'Balendakl Tropaeolum-speciosum-(1) Rosa-Flower-carpet-'Noaschn penstemon-deep-purple-close pelargonium-siloides---clos Knautia-macedonica knatia-blue-species-(1) Hibiscus-syriacus-'Helene'f Heliotropum-arborescens-Lor fern-foliage-(2) eryngium-yuccifolium-(1) Echinacea-'white-swan'-5 Echinacea-purpurea-hybrids- DSCF8213 Dianthus-'devon-magic'-(1) Dianthus-'devon-dove'-(1) cosmos-sulphurous-'limara-l Cosmos-scarlet Clematis-'avant-garde' Calceolaria-'Kentish-Hero'- Artemis-(2)


We have had to include these too, as we think they are utterly beautiful and stunning. They are all by a photographer Craig Burrows (so are copyrighted).

You can see all the photos by visiting this site.  


Kangaroos-Paw-Flower-4-Small Fluffy-Flower-Cluster-Small  Blue-Ice-Plant-Flower-4-Small   Dandelion-Top-2-small  31235784023_283b53d9d0_h 27919366306_7cc75acdf7_h 26747599502_f4c6b717e2_b 24071351593_e62c9b4ca9_b  Bee-Balm-4-Small


We’ve used lots of these plants in our designs which are available to download. All the designs use bee friendly flowers and plants and are simple and easy to create. Take a look now…