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book i want to like my garden book review MandyCanUDigIt.com

I just received this review from award winning blog Mandycanudigit.com @MandyCanUDigIt –


A brilliant garden design book review.

A cracking read packed with common sense for new (and experienced) gardeners!

With lockdown meaning so many people turned to that patch of earth between their fence and the back door for relaxation, purpose and solace, I Want To Like My Garden is a timely read for new gardeners.

It’s also an eye-opener for those with more experience but who want to make their time in the garden more pleasurable, bursting with that rarest of things in gardening books – common sense.

So many gardening tomes preach to the converted and assume a depth of knowledge in the reader, which can frankly make many give up on the book, even on gardening itself.

Rachel doesn’t do that, far from it, and I Want to Like My Garden is there to help new gardeners get the best out of whatever they have and even take steps into design if they want to.

It has some downright funny one-liners – Rachel is very much a gardener after my own heart with this one:

‘Gardening equivalent of cleaning the toilet’

‘Weeding is the most soul-destroying part of gardening; it is the gardening equivalent of cleaning the toilet.’

She talks about gardening and plants as your wardrobe – ever-useful jeans and jumpers (shrubs, trees and evergreens); tops and T-shirts (flowering perennials/plants with colourful foliage); accessories (bulbs and showy flowers). It’s a handy analogy to use.

There are really useful sections at the back on plant attributes – especially ‘those that won’t flop over’ and ‘Plants that fight back’!

A comprehensive list of plants based on their rough shape and size as boxes is an innovative approach – great if you want a plant to fill a certain area.

I stopped reviewing gardening books after doing virtually one a week for years because so few stood out from the crowd. However, Rachel’s book does and I’d thoroughly recommend it to gardeners old and new.

Rachel McCartain runs the website www.plantplots.com and you can order the book from there, price £9.99.

book i want to like my garden book review MandyCanUDigIt.com