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Stop Press 12th June:

Hurrah, good news Amazon have sorted the problem, so if you were waiting for your delivery, it should now be winging its way to you. My apologies for the inconvenience.

Exciting news!

Our latest book I Want to Like my Garden is now available to order.

I want to Like my Garden – how to make your garden better.

Why don’t people like their gardens sometimes and how can you put your garden right. Rachel discusses her exciting new book aimed at helping you. This really is a gardening book unlike any other!  This is a book for everyone who wants to do the garden but doesn’t know what to do!

Available to order on Amazon today

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This book is a garden-changer.

Buy it because you want to make your garden better, but don’t know how.

Understand what’s wrong with your garden, so you can  put it right.

Create a better garden and learn how to combine plants easily using an ingeniously simple method, the plant wardrobe

Avoid making mistakes; if you know what could go wrong, it won’t!

This is a book written about gardens just like yours and for people who love gardens but not the gardening.

This book makes gardening easier.

This book will help you make your garden better

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Well, I have always wondered why with so many gardening books available, why do so many gardens all look the same? A lawn surrounded by a few borders hugging the fences and a hanging basket or two.

Surely with so much information available, gardeners should be far more creative? But the there is a problem, most gardening books show how to create an amazing fantastic garden or garden feature, what they don’t help with is;

How can YOU make YOUR garden better

And this is what this book does. You will understand why your garden isn’t working, what you should be thinking about changing and then how to go about that process. It helps first-time gardeners and those who would love a better garden but aren’t sure how to begin.

Create a better garden by learning what not to do as well as understanding how your garden can help save the world.

This is a garden book unlike any other!

Bet you’re just a little bit curious now… so order a copy today and if you don’t like it you can leave me a terrible review!

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