Best Garden Design Books

Best Garden Design Books

Summer is the best time to see how your garden is growing and whether your plan is working!!

But if your garden is not behaving itself – or it’s just not making you smile…. there’s a great little book that’s perfect for you!

Now I will blow my own trumpet but one of the best garden design books you could get yourself to read this summer is ‘I Want to Like my Garden’ by Rachel McCartain. and here’s why:

OK, that’s a little tongue in cheek, but honestly it is a brilliant little book!

Why, well it has been written with YOU in mind, it will help YOU make YOUR garden better because I explain garden design AND choosing plants in a non-designer speak. You will understand what makes your garden work and why it is not as gorgeous as you would like it to be.

BUT most importantly -I help you understand what YOU need to do to improve it.

You won’t find a book full of lovely glossy pictures of gardens and plants like this…

because that won’t help you when your garden looks like this!!

Prepare yourself for one of the best garden design books you will ever read (hopefully)!

And if you don’t believe me – here’s what award winning garden blogger Mandy from Mandycanyoudigit.com thought.

It really is a garden changer…. read more about it or just pop along to Amazon (or any online book store ) and get your copy today!

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