Garden Design Ideas & Inspiration

  • Hide ugly shed - before
  • hide ugly garden shed
  • Small urban garden design - before
  • small urban garden design - after
  • tiny city back garden - before
  • hide ugly garden shed
  • Topiary ideas - leopard
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  • Small urban garden design idea

Garden design can be tricky especially if you are new to gardening, to help you, this page is full of garden design ideas and inspiration to help you get started.

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Garden design ideas and inspiration:

Working out what plants to use can also be tricky, fortunately we have done all that thinking for you. Which means we’ve done the hard bit – working out what to plant, how many you need and choosing which plants to put with which. Browse loads of brilliant ideas for border design available to download.

All you need to do is choose the one you like from the shop; download it and get planting!

free low maintenance garden guides

We also have 3 brilliant FREE guides you can download to to help you choose the right plants, create a low maintenance garden that works for you AND there is a FREE garden border design to plant too.

The thing about garden design is this though:

The garden must work for you. The most common mistake most people make is to choose a style and then try to fit a garden around that style. By all means use these videos and pictures for ideas, but think about how you use the garden.

The sun will always shine on the same part of the garden, that part of the garden that catches the last rays of the sun will never change. The design needs to fit around that first. If the design is drawn without considering where the best place to sit for a morning coffee or an early evening tipple, it will not work.

Designing a garden is also a process, it is all to easy to get scooped up in an ideas and lose focus of what the garden needs to deliver. Most domestic gardens only need 4 things:

  • A place to sit
  • A means to get to that place
  • Something nice to look at once sitting there
  • A place to dry your clothes (and yes everyone prefers to hang washing outside) so work this into the thought process!

See our galleries of pictures for more garden design ideas and inspiration