PlantPlots Customer Reviews

PlantPlots Customer Reviews.


There are three ways we can help you, we offer free help and advice, we can help youdesign-garden-sidebar redesign your garden with your existing plants (& maybe a few ideas from us) and we can design a border just for you.


These lovely people have all used our services, and this is what they think.


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p.s We don’t believe in posting fake reviews, these are all genuine customer reviews.


This is fantastic! I love the design! Thank you for your creativity and the careful thought you have put into the design. Also for the added tips and ideas.
You have done a wonderful job. I am more than happy to post a review on Facebook.
Wishing you all the best. I’m sure PlantPlots will be a huge success. LS Apr 2017


Thanks Rachel… it, downloaded, located supplier and am now getting ready to go and buy!
#excitedbythesmallbutbeautifulthingsinlife………. A-MB: April 2016

Thanks for your very helpful suggestions and advice. I now have several designs in my basket  AC: Mar 2017

Thanks so much for my ‘Jewel Box’ garden. I absolutely love it…the colours are amazing and I love the idea of the mirrors and the metal art work.
With all the advice that comes with the plans, I’m positive that I will be able to maintain it easily and keep it looking as good as the drawings.  JH: Apr 2017

Well your black fence and colourful pots idea worked a treat. The estate agent put the asking price up, we sold in 2 days, for over what we expected to get. All the viewers put in offers and loved the garden.
I can’t recommend PlantPlots enough: we did a day and a half’s work and transformed our garden so that we could sell out house.
I’ll be back for help with my new (much bigger) garden. Thanks very much :) AM Aug 2015

Very Impressed with my garden design from PlantPlots. Rachel had lots of ideas for things I could do to improve my garden and was very knowledgeable about the plants that would be suitable.
She was able to give me a clear idea about how the plot would look by photoshopping pictures of the plants onto my original photo.
She also gave me information on how to prepare the plot, when to plant and how to care for the recommended plants. A great service and very reasonable. SW: Apr 2015

I wish I’d had help from PlantPots when we bought our first house with a garden, 6 years ago. As a lifelong city-dweller, my horticultural knowledge extended no further than occasionally remembering to water my spider plant.
I enthusiastically raided B&Q. picking everything that looked pretty, and inevitably ended up with a bizarre looking hotch-potch, and a lot of abject failures.
I wouldn’t have wanted a gardener, as the fun is in getting your own hands dirty and watching the fruits of your labour flourish, but looking back, I really needed some guidance, and paying PlantPlots would have saved me a lot of money on dead plants!
This is a great investment for those with the desire to create a lovely garden, but rather lacking in the know-how and big-budget department.
I will definitely be buying one of the designs when we finally get around to buying a new house. JWM Apr 2015


Many thanks for coming back so quickly with the design.
Can’t wait to receive it and get stated on my journey to a beautiful garden.  LS: Apr 2017



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