Right Plant….Wrong Place!

Are you a Right Plant…Wrong Place expert!


We’ve all done it….we’ve planted a lovely plant in what we thought was the perfect spot, and then it all started going wrong!


Delicate climbers turn into voracious triffids, the few bulbs you popped in the corner have re-appeared – everywhere, or that beautiful gorgeous flowered plant that you popped over there is now a mass of sickly looking twigs…is this sounding familiar?

The key to getting the plants to behave properly, is to plant them in the right place at the beginning – and that means the right place in terms of light and moisture but it also is important to have the right soil for the plant to thrive too.

At PlantPlots we believe that our gardening advice should be really useful and practical – especially if you aren’t the most expert in the garden, so to help we’ve created some simple soil guides.

We want to help you promote you from the realms of Right Plant Wrong Place Expert and propel you towards becoming a true gardening guru! ….

Well be a better gardener anyway…but at least you will have a better understanding of what to plant or not!

PlantPlots ‘rule of thumb’ guides to getting it right….from the start!

Good Soil 2 Clay soil Poor soil Sandy soil Acidic soil


Simply click the images to view and then download the guide – it’s all free advice.


There are however, some simple rules you can apply to help reduce the number of goof-ups, that will apply regardless of soil type:


10 tips to avoid ‘Right Plant – Wrong Place’ problems:

These rules apply for the average sized UK garden by the way (those lucky people with huge gardens don’t have to worry so much about how big plants can get or how fast!)


Don’t impulse buy at the Garden Centre.


Any plant label that says ‘Vigorous’ should be planted with care.


Any plant that grows beyond 12ft should also be planted with even more care.


‘Good for Naturalising’ is not good in a small garden!


Plant ‘Self Seed Experts’ downwind of the patio.


Bedding Plants may look great in the Garden Centre – but do you really have enough time and enthusiasm to maintain the required pampering regime to keep them looking that good?


Don’t just fill a gap in the border with anything you can find – it probably won’t work!


Don’t fight your garden’s natural environment – if you want an easier lower maintenance garden, then work with what you have. Your plants will perform better and tend to misbehave less.  


Check the ‘size in 5’ BEFORE you plant it! If it says 20 feet tall in 5 years, then that is what it will be.


If the plant’s not thriving where it is, don’t be afraid to move it to somewhere better.


If however, you really can’t (or don’t have the time) to plan the right plants for your garden…. you could cheat and try one of our designs. Think of them a bit like recipes for the garden, simply have a browse and download the ‘recipe’ you like the best!



You may as well plant plastic flowers instead – many modern plants have no food for foraging insects.