It’s really exposed and cold

Ok, maybe few places are quite as exposed as the picture


Which in in the Black mountains in Wales by the way, but plants will probably struggle to get a foothold here!


So assuming you live at slightly lower altitudes, how can you encourage plants to grow happily? The key is a shelter belt, which means a deep planting of  dense trees and shrubs that deflect and absorb the worst of the wind. 2014-12-12 17_42_01


The diagram shows how the wind is ‘broken’ by the trees, but is still allowed to pass through. Single tall trees are not as effective as the wind merely scoots underneath. So once you have a shelter belt, then the downwind side, should be able to develop a more sheltered climate allowing you to plant.  


The second problem are frost pockets. Cold air sinks and fills hollows or dips with cold freezing air, if these areas are sheltered from the wind too, then the frost is deeper and more penetrating.


As we can’t control frost, it is sensible to try to only plant with frost hardy plants. Also ensure the soil is well drained as it is a combination of cold and wet that usually kills the plants.


Examples of some frost hardy plants (there are loads more you can use as well) :

philadelhus flower clematis rouge flower (2) berberis shrub Mahonia media winter sun Skimmia flowers

narcissus teta tete  Calamagrostis Karl Foerster (2)  Hamamelis mollos Imperalis  sarcococca flowers (2)  rhodo luteum flower