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Garden design mistakes to avoid

mistakes to avoid

Let's deal with the real issues

If you know what can go wrong before you start – it won’t!

Garden design mistakes to avoid when starting or planting your garden.

As always, we try to do things a little different at PlantPlots, so you won’t find what chemicals to spray onto your dahlias or how to prune your roses, there are plenty of websites that so just that. Instead our advice tries to deal with the real issues we all face in the garden.

All the advice we offer assumes:

  • You don’t have a full time gardener.
  • Nor do you have a garden designer on hand.
  • The budget for the garden does not require a lottery win.
  • You aren’t the world’s most experienced gardener and
  • Even if you were; life is busy, so there’s not much time to garden.

So you won’t see images of beautiful (& hugely expensive) manicured gardens because most of us won’t have a garden that looks like that.

You will however find lots of sensible, practical and useful advice on how to get things right yourself.

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Prevention is always better than a cure!

It is always better to avoid making mistakes in the first place, so a bit of preparation will help enormously. Thinking what you need your garden to do for you is time well spent. Not only will you get a better garden you will save time, effort and money achieving it.

  • Work with your garden environment; happy plants perform better.
  • It is your garden; it does not have to look like the neighbouring gardens.
  • Decide what your garden NEEDS to do for you.
  • Don’t look at glossy garden images for inspiration; these gardens are far too complex and difficult to maintain.
  • Write down which parts of gardening you don’t like doing.
  • Make a list of the things you’d like the garden to have.
  • Be realistic; don’t overestimate the time you are willing devote to the garden.
  • Choose plants by what they WILL DO & not what they look like

We can help you create the garden you’d love too – and we only need some photo’s!

If not get in touch and we’ll always try to help.

You could also buy our book – which is also full of fabulous design ideas and advice. Chapters on how to avoid garden design mistakes; the 5P’s , ditching the centrifuge planting styles common in many gardens. It could be the best garden design book you’ll ever get. Available in Amazon and most online bookstores.