Lawn is worn out and looks awful

The key point here is not that the lawns is looking worn out, but why.


The most common reasons for your lawn looking less than gorgeous are that there are problems with too much traffic on the grass, poor drainage, lack of sunlight, the soil is compacted alongside weeds and mowing the grass too short.


Most of these issues can be dealt with, but if you have still got problems then there are other possibilities to consider:


Animal wee! – much as we are a nation of cat and dog lovers, their repeated weeing on the lawn will kill the grass. If you can’t train your pet to wee elsewhere, then dilution of said spot with water will help, but eventually the wee wins and you may need to replace the grass. Sorry!


Petrol spillages: for those of you with motor mowers, check you are not leaking fuel onto the grass as you mow, this will leave brown patches on the lawn.


Fungal problems: if lawns are a bit low on nourishment, they can succumb to fungus’. If patches of bleached or orangy/red grass appear, it is likely you have Red Thread. It will not kill the grass usually, but it does make it look sad, treat with a nitrogen rich fertiliser.

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Bugs: Small brown patches all over the lawn and lots of birds pecking the soil can mean you have leatherjackets lurking below. These are grey grubs (daddy long legs larvae) that eat the grass from below, I am not a great advocate of using copious amount of insecticide to control pests, but you can use one if the infestation is really bad, otherwise try not to get too bothered by it. The other main lawn pest are ants, they don’t eat the grass, but push up the soil and create little mini anthills that are squashed by the action of the mower, spreading soil on top of the grass and so creating bare patches. Once again, ants are too numerous to really try to eradicate, I do use an ant powder if I have red ants in my lawn, but that’s only because they bite!


So unless you want lawn perfection, and are prepared to put in hours of work to achieve a verdant swathe of luxury grass, you will most likely have to compromise and accept there will be a few discoloured patches, some weeds and a few bare bits, but as long as most of the lawn is fine for sitting out on, then it is probably OK.


However if you do take the time to rectify some of the most common problems, your lawn will look oodles better.