Bare patches in the lawn

Bare Patches in the lawn? –


Here’s a guide to why:


Lawns take a lot of pounding, and so wear out really easily, so although we are lovers of beautifully manicured green swathes, sometimes they are not the best idea.


But there are other reasons for bare patches that you need to consider too:

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Lack of light –  grass loves sunshine, there are grass mixes for shadier spots, but if you have trees or shrubs overshadowing the grass, it is probably going to look rather threadbare. Either, reduce the overhanging branches to let more light onto the lawn or consider removing the grass and replace with an alternative hard landscaping or enlarge the border and add more plants that thrive in shadier conditions.


Compaction and or drainageIf grass gets walked on a lot, the ground gets more squashed down, thereby making it harder for the roots to grow, and the ground less able to drain well, both of which are not good for lush lawns.


So to improve this you can spike the lawn (this loosens the soil and helps drainage), if the area is not too large, use a garden fork and push the prongs a good half way in, wiggle it round, tilt the fork to ‘lift the soil’ slightly, and keep repeating that.


If it is a large area, you can get the lawn hollow tined or buy one to use, but it is quite hard work. However, consider, if the lawn is in an area that is going to be constantly compacted, is grass the best option? It’s fine if you want grass, but if you want nice grass, then you will have to aerate this area each year.




Traffic and feetIf you want lawn (and let’s face it is lovely to walk on barefoot in the summer), but you know that area will have a lot of wear and tear, then there are solutions.

The easiest is to raise the height of the mower and not cut so short, this will protect the base of the grass more (which is where it grows from).


Secondly you can add a turf protecting grid, this sits on the soil and the grass grows up through a flat honeycomb frame.You then mow the grass, just above the top of the frame, grass grows through and you can’t squash the roots of the grass as it’s protected by the honeycomb (which you also shouldn’t see) Good eh? Also consider artificial grass – and before you look too aghast, it can offer a really good solution for a small garden or a a heavily trod area.



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