How to Get a Low Maintenance Garden

How to get a low maintenance garden


Creating a low maintenance garden simply means creating a garden that does not require you to do the chores YOU don’t like doing!


Your idea of a low maintenance garden will not be the same as someone elses ideas – so it’s all about making the garden work – FOR YOU.


Our 11 page guide shows you how gardens create unnecessary work and how simple changes to the design can dramatically reduce your workload.




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Our mission is to make gardening easier – for everyone.


This site is packed with over 400 pages of design advice, garden advice and much more besides.

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We are a gardening website like no other, so you won’t find out how to trim your leeks or what spacing your cabbages should be planted at (there are loads of sites that do just that).

Instead you will find help solving issues that all gardens have – like, how to hide ugly bits in the garden or how to have a garden AND a football goal! There is design advice on how to make your garden look more interesting, how to make your garden look bigger than it actually is….and much much more.

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PlantPlots is a new and exciting way to help you garden.



We have created lots of garden border design ideas that will work for even the most inexperienced of gardeners.

Our designs are created for smaller modern gardens and people who would love a gorgeous garden – but aren’t sure how to go about it.

As far as we know – there’s nothing quite like us on the Internet….(yet!).


Design Advice

Our advice is rather different from the average garden website. Our aim is to  help you create a garden that really works for you!


We believe gardens should ‘DO’ good as well as look good. We use as many Bee and Butterfly friendly plants we can in all our designs



Gardening Advice

Simple, practical advice the PlantPlots way. We won’t be telling you how to prune your roses or take cuttings from your Pelargoniums!


We have compiled a list of really great places you can source all sorts of plants too.



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