Hiding the neighbours ugly garden!

Hiding the neighbours ugly garden

Garden Privacy: ‘avoiding’ the neighbours!

Hiding the neighbours ugly garden.

hiding neighbours ugly garden
OK this is not the prettiest wall

Whilst it would be lovely to look out of the window and see a beautiful view, the reality is that normally it’s not quite so stunning! 

The remedy for many people is to plant a big dense green hedge to disguise the ugly view. The problem is that you get a dull view instead!

So let’s think a little differently, as most of you will probably already have the hedge or fence, you need to concentrate of making that more interesting. Consequently, you will not notice the hedge or the ‘neighbour’s ugly bits’ so much.

Similarly, you need to distract the eye from ugly images, by adding something interesting to look at. In the picture above, all you really notice is how tall the neighbour’s house is! 

To counteract this, and to bring your eye line down to stuff you want to notice. So now some trellis has been added that sits above the wall, climbers can then be planted to soften the harshness and dominance of the wall.  

Tall planters to try to re-balance the view (less brick wall, more nice wall), and then the planting is really quite bright and bold, so hopefully you notice this much more than the house behind.

You may think why not a tree there, well, a tree tall enough to hide the wall will have roots big enough to crack the walls too – it would be too close to foundations and thus not advisable.

Hiding the neighbours ugly garden then involves one basic principle. Don’t try to hide it, create a ‘look at me instead’ part of the garden. Simple eh?



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