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Garden Design Advice: how do you design a garden, where do you start?


For many gardeners ‘designing a garden’ can be quite daunting. How on earth can you work out if the Hellebores will grow well next to your Hebes?  How many plants will you actually need? On top of which you need to work out the sizes and shapes of the lawns, paths and borders as well as the more mundane; like where the bins and washing line should be!

To help you, we have written advice for practically every garden problem we could think of. There are over 400 pages of gardening advice, design and plant information. As it’s all been written by us, so you won’t find this anywhere else!


However, you won’t find images of super glossy fabulous garden paradises  – as most of us can never afford to create one! Instead, you will find simple practical and affordable advice, so you can learn how to make your garden work for you.

We have an amazing design service you can use too, let us help you to create the garden YOU want.




What to do if:

Great Design Advice:

Getting the Best from your Garden if:

There’s advice on tackling the normal garden problems we all have:

privacynoisygarden and kids ugly widerpathsnarrow unsightlyheightpetscurvestrees

General Garden Advice:

started digging planting weeds sickplants die pots diegood bugsbad bugs

  Plant Advice:

specific purposes   personality plants background plants  finishing touchestriffids spreaders messy fighters bogof divas rampant

Practical Lawn Advice:

lawnslawn lovelylawn worn outlawn barelawn mud

Working with Nature:

rain sea windyslope sunnyexposed

If unfortunately we haven’t thought of every type of problem and you would like advice about sorting your garden out call us –  07985 917767.

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