How to design a garden if you have no idea where to begin!

Garden design for beginners

Design a garden it’s just a phrase, but what it really means is this.


You need to design YOUR garden…but design your garden in such a way that:

  1. You can enjoy relaxing and sitting in it.
  2. Can enjoy watching the plants grow the way you want them too.
  3. Have time to spend time enjoying the garden not ‘doing’ the garden.
  4. Don’t spend time on garden chores you hate when you’d rather be doing something else.
  5. And that the garden created behaves itself!

OK, so now maybe it seems a little more daunting, especially if you know very little about plants. How can you find out which plants would grow well and which ones wouldn’t! It should be easy to find out, there are literally thousands of websites on all aspects of garden design as well as thousands of books and magazines articles too, but there is a problem. Most of the images you see are of the most incredible, amazingly perfect and usually very expensive gardens – which bear to resemblance to your own.

So we have created a number of guides for you depending on the type of garden you have.

Now you might notice that I haven’t said anything about about Cottage gardens or Contemporary styled gardens yet, and that is because of one fundamental garden design rules.

The garden design must suit you and not the garden suit a particular style.

It basically means this, if you imagine your garden as a wardrobe full of clothes, the garden style is the underwear. Now like all good underwear, if it fits you well, whatever you choose to wear on top will always look better.

So before you even start thinking about any redesign, the first and most important part is understanding how you want to use the garden and how much time you want to spend gardening.

Now clearly we could write a book about design and what will work for you (which funnily enough we have) – but the essence is this. Make a list about what you like about gardens and gardening first and then make a list about what you dislike knowing what NOT to include is more important than the style!

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