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Oh it’s so much nicer than a fence panel
polished concrete dice
ok, rolling the dice will form part of your get fit program – but it is rather lovely
polished concrete lighting
Outdoor lighting – thats a bit different
polished concrete stone
How about polished concrete stones these – amazing
Fire pit
Beautiful fire pit
Artistic floristry
flower artwork at Hampton Court Flower Show
Floristry at it's best
Gorgeous floristry making use of garden grasses
need to win the lottery and have no kids(footballs!!)  But these are so amazing
Ok, when I win the lottery…..!
ok, we think skinny metal 'termite' mounds could become a thing...
We though these skinny metallic termite mounds were really cool
love these copper 'sun-flowers'
loving the copper ‘sun flowers’
a very beautiful (very expensive) copper chair!
Another one for when I win the lottery and have a house in the Caribbean!
Ok it's different - but a bit daft!
Solar lighting
Garden Wall Planter
Scroll ended arch overthrow, Coleford near Bath
Gabion fence by Goodman Fabrications
gabion grass divides
b0aa63a2408b464d50e8ddca19691393.jpg (236×345):
NP3.jpg (1580×1054):
Different, but maybe this should be the future #greenourcities
We like this! - glass swimming fish
can we help with ideas for your garden?

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