How to design amazing gardens

How to design amazing gardens

Thank you for visiting PlantPlots and we hope you find this advice on how to design amazing gardens useful. Our aim is to make gardening easier especially if you aren’t an expert gardener. Brilliant Design Advice to help you make your garden better; Predesigned Planting Ideas making choosing plants for the garden easier. Plus there are Style Sheets to help decide on a planting style and an amazing Design Servicse to create the garden you have always dreamed of.

Eye-Candy ideas – this stuff is just a little bit different!

but you never know; something might spark your creative streak! 🙂

  • Stone paving with pebble flowers
  • Logs slices used to create and attraxtive garden screen
  • path through logs with paintedn ends
  • laser cut screen back lit garden art
  • patio made with pebbles in flower shapes
  • Simple elegant block wood garden screen
  • set of large stone balls on grass
  • metal sculpture flower cut out metal garden art
  • 3 large metal snail sculptures
  • wooden posts eroded by sea at beach
  • Wooden posts eroded by sea beautiful grain and weathering
  • spiral of shells artwork
  • leaf sculpture multicoloured leaf
  • large beach drawing circular design
  • Garden screens
  • HC flower show slatted black fence red plants
  • Hampton court flower show rock garden
  • garden art metal horns spires in garden
  • stone sclpture for garden abstract modern grey stone
  • wooden garden rotunda pergola willow sculpture
  • show garden trees in rocking containers grass garden - daft!
  • hampton court flower show garden planting coloured cubes

Time needed: 8 minutes.

How to design amazing gardens

  1. Remember it is your garden and no-one else’s!

    so the garden needs to have only those elements important to you. Adding fancy ‘design’ features will not make it feel amazing!

  2. Create a list of how you want the garden to make YOU feel

    Gardens aren’t just functional spaces they are emotional places too. How do you want the garden to feel. It’s a great way to start thinking about the design.

  3. Decide HOW much of a gardener you CAN be

    ‘Amazing’ gardens only look really amazing if they have dedicated owners. Instead, think; how much mess will the garden make, how much time can you spend gardening each week. and does that match the time you can give to the garden.

  4. Write a list detailing how you intend to USE the garden

    This could be you want to spend time sunbathing or maybe you love walking amongst plants. You might prefer to sit on the patio and watch butterflies or create a sheltered night time seating spot . Decide what is most important to you.

  5. Plan around your ‘Must Haves’

    Whatever those choices are, these are the most essential elements of your design. For example a BBQ space or secret sunbathing spot. Start by deciding how each choice can be added to your garden, and how you are going to get to that those areas. Gradually a plan for the design will begin to emerge.

3 Stages of Garden Design:

There are 3 main phases when you are planning a garden

  • Creating the layout
  • Planning the planting
  • Adding finishing touches – the ‘eye-candy

Here at PlantPlots, we aim to show how YOU can make YOUR garden better, rather than just showing lots of images of gardens that have been designed and maintained by professionals (or at the very least dedicated garden lovers). We explain how you can change your garden.

Creating the Layout

Garden design can seem quite complex.There seem to be so many factors to consider – form, function, flow, balance, proportion. But, these are all words that designers tend to use when describing garden design. But we don’t think it help you much!

These professionals do create amazing gardens, but these are also amazingly expensive and labour intensive gardens too. You want to design a garden that you think is amazing. To help you we have broken down the design process into a few simple steps to guide you in the short video below. And not a mention of form, function or flow!

Planning the Planting

This is undoubtedly one of the hardest areas to plan, especially if you don’t know much about plants, but fortunately you have found us – and our aim IS to make gardening easier for you. There are some simple ways to help you plan and choose plants for the garden.

  • Work with your weather.
  • Check the Size in 5
  • Fill the 3 dimensional space.

All is explained in the short video below, but essentially if the plants will grow happily in the garden environment and grow naturally to the size you need them to be, then the plants will look after themselves more and that means you won’t have to.

Happy contented plants look better and grow better – which means it’s easier to keep the garden looking amazing. Visit the shop to see the range of pre-designed border planting ideas created to make garden planning easier for you in case you still can’t decide. See we really do try to make gardening easier!

Gardens don’t have to cost thousands to be amazing, or do they have to be expensively designed themed spaces. It just needs to work for you.

In terms of choosing the style of planting, this is where the planning lists you created at the outset come into play. The lists already tell you how you want to feel in the garden. If your idea for the garden space is based on a soft, cool calming garden then clearly, hot colours and spiky plants are out. You have created a mood board; which makes choosing plants more simple it is just is a case of looking at different plants and choosing which plants make you feel a certain emotion.

Obviously, the plants need to fit the garden environment, but using a mood board is a much easier method of deciding which plants to choose. You can simply wander up and down the aisles in a garden centre to see which plants make you fell calm or happy. All you need do is check the label to see if it’s suitable for your garden.

Garden design advice written with you in mind

And not forgetting our amazing new book – helping you make your garden better.

This could be the best garden book you ever get!

And finally those gardening finishing touches; Eye-Candy Garden Art!

  • welded pipe sculpture in garden setting
  • circular stone sculpture
  • Garden statues of 3 faces as masks
  • driftwood stump sculpture
  • Mirrored gothic window on fence panel to create a false window
  • mirrot creating false window on a garden wall
  • natural twig pinwheel sculpture
  • pair of bronze birds garden art
  • natural twig sculpture in fork two trees
  • Miniature coloured figures in a garden sculpture garden art
  • Wooden painted totem pole
  • multicoloured twine in geometric pattern garden art
  • small statue frog reading book on a cushion
  • natural driftwood sculpture in cottage style planting
  • stone wall created in shape of wave
  • bear sculpture climbing a railing in garden
  • small sculpture dancing frog in garden
  • moss and leaves sculpture on tree trunk
  • garden in a teacup idea 6
  • ornamental glass fish in grass garden garden design idea by PlantPlots
  • Outdoor glass sculpture small vertical screen multicoloured
  • Copper flowers garden border ornaments
  • ornamental glass fish in grass garden garden design idea by PlantPlots
  • stainless steel fish - outdoor garden art
  • Garden ornaments steel balls concrete spheres

Eye-Candy ideas – Garden Objects

  • Topiary leopard
  • polished concrete stone
  • polished concrete lighting
  • polished concrete light
  • polished concrete dice
  • woven willow pear show garden hapmton court
  • ornamental glass fish in grass garden garden design idea by PlantPlots
  • Copper hanging garden swing seat
  • outdoor glass sculpture blue green discs
  • Outdoor glass sculpture small vertical screen multicoloured
  • laser cut corten steel screen floral
  • stainless steel fish - outdoor garden art
  • glass sculpture outdoor blue glass columns
  • garden art metal horns spires in garden
  • Garden ornaments steel balls concrete spheres

If you are just browsing, there are lots of other lovely pictures to see from plants that make you go “oooh!Ideas for garden makeovers gardens we’ve redesigned and also our blog The Plotting Shed

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