How to design amazing gardens

How to design amazing gardens

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How to design amazing gardens

  1. Remember it is your garden and no-one else’s!

    so the garden needs to have only those elements important to you. Adding fancy ‘design’ features will not make it feel amazing!

  2. Create a list of how you want the garden to make YOU feel

    Gardens aren’t just functional spaces they are emotional places too. How do you want the garden to feel. It’s a great way to start thinking about the design.

  3. Decide HOW much of a gardener you CAN be

    ‘Amazing’ gardens only look really amazing if they have dedicated owners. Instead, think; how much mess will the garden make, how much time can you spend gardening each week. and does that match the time you can give to the garden.

  4. Write a list detailing how you intend to USE the garden

    This could be you want to spend time sunbathing or maybe you love walking amongst plants. You might prefer to sit on the patio and watch butterflies or create a sheltered night time seating spot . Decide what is most important to you.

3 Stages of Garden Design:

There are 3 main phases when you are planning a garden

Our aim to show how YOU can make YOUR garden better.

Creating the Layout

Garden design can seem quite complex. What should go where, and what does the garden need? There are so many elements to consider – terms like; form, function, flow, balance, and proportion are often used describe the design process. But we don’t think these help the average gardener – they are meaningless words.

Instead we’ve created a short video below that explains how to design your garden. There’s no a mention of form, function or flow; just simple, sensible and practical advice!

Planning the Planting

This is undoubtedly one of the hardest areas to plan, especially if you don’t know much about plants.

Fortunately you have found us – and our aim IS to make gardening easier for you.

Here are some simple ways to help you plan and choose plants for the garden.

  • Work with your weather.
  • Check the Size in 5
  • Fill the 3 dimensional space.

All is explained in the short video below.

Happy contented plants look better and grow better – which means it’s easier to keep the garden looking amazing.

Visit our designs shop to see the range of border planting ideas created to make planning your garden easier still.

See we really do try to make gardening easier!

Gardens don’t have to cost thousands to be amazing, or do they have to be expensively designed themed spaces. It just needs to work for you.

Garden design advice written with you in mind

And not forgetting our amazing new book – helping you make your garden better.

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