Garden Design Advice

Garden Design Advice: how do you design a garden, where do you start?


For many gardeners ‘designing a garden’ can be quite daunting, but if you are new to gardening as well… the the task can seem even more daunting. How on earth can you work out if the Hellebores will grow well next to the Hebe? How do you group the plants together and how many do you actually need in the first place.


So we all tend to scour the internet for help and advice but most of what we find are images of the most perfect (ie super expensive) gardens, that bear little or no resemblance to your back garden!


Well, we don’t show you images of super glossy fabulous plant paradises – as none of us can most likely create one! Instead, we provide simple practical and affordable advice, so you can learn how to make your garden work for you.


We know the problems you have in your garden, as we have the same issues too – so here’s our advice on sorting them out.


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Can I have a garden & a football goal?

How can I make the garden look bigger (when it’s not!)

The path looks more like a runway down the side of the garden

Making the garden look less thin and skinny

Why do my borders never look right?

Wish I could hide the ugly views…

OK it’s not really a garden, it’s a tiny space out the back!

How do you ‘do curves’ in a garden and make it look good?

Selling your house – tips to make sure your garden adds to the sale.


Try our designs for your gardens. Each border design is based on 2m sq and are created to look good all year -it’s simple it’s easy and it’s garden design you can do.