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Garden Design Advice: how do you design a garden, where do you start?

For many gardeners ‘designing a garden’ can be quite daunting, but if you are new to gardening as well… the the task can seem even more daunting. How on earth can you work out if the Hellebores you like will grow well next to the Hebe you like? How do you group the plants together and how many do you actually need in the first place.


We all tend to scour the internet for help and advice but most of what we find are images of the most perfect (re expensive) gardens, that bear little or no resemblance to your small overlooked back garden!


So we have tried to shake the horticultural world by it’s boots and have decided to be a bit more Ikea.


Ikea is brilliant – they show you exactly how to turn your room into a beautiful space and they make it really easy and affordable.

So that’s what we do too.


At PlantPlots we try to tackle gardens from a different point of view, so rather than think about re-designing the garden – we prefer to think about re-decorating the garden.


It seems a lot easier to think about re-decorating the garden, you all understand how to domini-makeovers that inside the house, well the same principles apply outside too.


So take the sitting room, you choose the paint and the carpet colour to suit the mood or style you want to create, in the garden choose 2-3 colours to create the desired mood. Then you stick to these plant colours and use them around the garden.


You have chairs to sit on (which go with the carpet and the wall paint), so the colour for the patio and patio furniture is treated in the same way as indoors. 


Every room needs a focal point, the fireplace or the TV. There may already be a part of the garden that draws your attention (in a good way), so this would become your natural focal point. You may need to create on if there is nothing interesting to look at.beginners

What about the planting though?

Hopefully, the ideas of creating a garden seem a little less daunting, but there is still the tricky problem of what plants to choose. Again we have a different take on plants, so you won’t find the usual ‘cottage’ or ‘urban’ style planting schemes. plants need to know


We think gardens should make you feel something, so we classify plants by how they make us feel. It seems much easier to decide on a garden full of happy plants or one that is full of touch-feely plants.


PlantPlots also does provide a garden design service to help you get get the most fromdesign-garden-sidebar your garden too. Simply click the link and tell us about your garden, then we will send you a lovely PlantPlot design exclusively created for your garden.


We also have loads of ready made border design ideas for you to choose from – so you don’t even have to ponder over which plants to use – we’ve done that for you too.


See, garden design can be made easy!

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