Noisy gardens

We would all love a peaceful tranquil place to sit outside in


But humans are rather a noisy bunch sadly and so you end up with a noisy garden. So how do you notice noise less, and feel more relaxed even if the world around you may not be?

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Fortunately, we have an ability to tune out sounds if we are distracted enough, we do this all the time all day long, if we didn’t we would get nothing done at all. But when you go outside to sit in the garden, there are fewer distractions so we tend to notice more noises. So we need to distract ourselves to zone out the noise we don’t want so we can enjoy the space we do.  


Humans are blessed with 5 senses, taste, touch, sight, sound and smell, but too often in a garden too much emphasis is placed on the visual elements.


So in the place in the garden where you like to sit, you need to absolutely fill this area with plants (and things to look at) that you can touch, taste, smell, look at and listen to like rustling grasses.


Then when you do sit down you can let your senses filter out the background noises whilst you focus on the immediate area. Incidentally water features are lovely too, but gentle trickling water sounds can be a distraction of another kind, so a quieter water feature may be better!


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