How to ‘grow’ a leopard!

Topiary leopard
topiary leopard
Ingwe’s watching something!

How to grow a leopard – what a daft title, but that is indeed what this post is all about. You can indeed grow a leopard and this one is called Ingwe.

Some years ago I decided my myrtle hedge needed a trim, but I was becoming bored with just a nice flat top which looked the same as every other hedge in the world. I have always wanted to have a garden that had interesting things to look at so I decided to learn to ‘do’ topiary.

The hard bit is looking at a hedge and working out a shape and as alway for me, the light bulb moment came following a lovely glass (or 3) of Pinot whilst watching the Big Cat Diaries on the television!

My hedge needed an animal lounging in the sunshine..
Ingwe from ‘birth’ to 2 years old
So now Ingwe is about 5 years old and for a first attempt at topiary I am pretty pleased, but there is now more to do. Ingwe is not really asleep in the sunshine, she is always alert for the next meal.
So the $64,000 question now is…. what is she watching?
What will Ingwe prefer for dinner?
and what will I have to create next, Deer, Antelope or Giraffes? Let me know what you would grow!