Hanging baskets!

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I can’t do them, so I no longer even try. You really need to invest in an automated dripfeed watering system, or the spectacular display will not impress!  I have really tried with them in the past, but I think the only plants that would withstand my care regime would be Cacti – and that wouldn’t be nice at eye level!

I have tried keeping them well watered, but as most of the plants you put in the basket love the sun, I have to put them in a sunny place, and then after 2 hours the compost is bone dry and already shrivelling.



The main problem with the basket’s is the dichotomy of needing enough compost in there to absorb all the water it needs, but then you end up with a basket so large, it requires a winch to lift it and industrial strength mountings on the wall!

So my advice is this, invest in a drip feed system that automatically comes on every night – or don’t do hanging baskets in sunny places.  Alternatively, you can go for shaded hanging baskets, there are some ferns and other trailing type plants what could create a really lush green basket, but without the sun blasting the basket all day long, you may stand some chance of keeping the thing moist!


Main image: S Austin; small image J Vickers