Garden Problem? Our garden advice will help

Garden Advice to resolve common garden problems


We have loads of tips and garden advice so you can find a solution to most common garden problems alongside practical solutions for sorting them out.

As always, we try to do things a little different at PlantPlots, so you won’t find what chemicals to spray onto your dahlias or how to prune your roses, there are plenty of websites that so just that. Instead our advice tries to deal with the real issues we all face in the garden.

The advice we offer assumes:

  • You don’t have a full time gardener.
  • Nor do you have a garden designer on hand.
  • The budget for the garden does not require a lottery win.
  • You aren’t the world’s most experienced gardener and
  • Even if you were; life is busy, so there’s not much time to garden.


So you won’t see images of beautiful (& hugely expensive) manicured gardens because most of us won’t have a garden that looks like that. You will however find lots of sensible, practical and useful advice on how to get things right yourself.

Failing that, we can help you create the garden you’d love to – and we only need some photo’s!


If there are problems you need solutions too, we’ve got answers to lots of them. There’s help with what plants to use or even if what’s around the garden is causing a problem – we’ve advice on what to do there too!.

If not get in touch and we’ll always try to help.

Garden advice on tackling the normal garden problems we all have:

privacynoisygarden and kids ugly widerpathsnarrow unsightlyheightpetscurvestrees

General Garden Advice:

started digging planting weeds sickplants die pots diegood bugsbad bugs

  Plant Advice:

specific purposes   personality plants background plants  finishing touchestriffids spreaders messy fighters bogof divas rampant

Practical Lawn Advice:

lawnslawn lovelylawn worn outlawn barelawn mud

Natures Problems:

rain sea windyslope sunnyexposed

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If you can’t find answers to your problems here, just drop us an email and we’ll try to help.

On top of all that, we have loads of ready made designs for you to download that will help you transform your garden into something really beautiful.