How to make a garden private

How to make a garden feel more private-bp-fi

Obviously we all love our neighbours – but what if you’d rather not see them as much!

Making a garden private can be achieved without building green walls around the garden. Yes, fencing and hedging create a more privacy, but these also box you in too. Hedges reduce light levels and any view you may have, so all you see is a big green wall.



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Hedges, especially Lleylandii, become big dense evergreen barriers that block out light, out-compete smaller plants around them. All you end up with something not very attractive for both you and your neighbours to look at every day either.

So let’s throw out the dark green barrier mentality and look to other plants that provide you with just as much privacy, but look so much nicer for you to look at as well.

The whole principle is this,  you don’y need to make the whole garden private. The garden just needs to FEEL more private. Which means, it doesn’t need by surrounding your garden with an impenetrable screen.

They may not offer quite total privacy, but they will all look a whole lot nicer than a plain old hedge!

Be inventive, grow climbers through plants for more interest. Use plants that move and sway in the wind, and use colours other than green!

The key point here is that we are not trying to make all the garden private. Rather, just making more private the part of the garden you enjoy sitting in the most.

One tall strategically placed plant maybe all that’s needed to give you a sense of privacy.

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